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Viva! Urges Bush and Troy to Save Tracy the Turkey

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Wednesday, December 7, 2005

[img]/campaigns/turkeys/tracyfront.jpg[/img]Photocall: Members of Viva!, the Bristol-based vegetarian campaigns group, wearing "Save Tracy' t-shirts and waving placards, will urge GWR's Bush and Troy to give this turkey the gift of life for Christmas and let Viva! re-home her. Date: Thursday, 8th December Time: 9:30 to 10:30 am Place: GWR, 1 Passage Close, off Temple Way GWR, a Bristol-based radio station, has taken a female turkey named Tracy from a local farm and are planning to auction her off to the highest bidder on Friday to raise money for charity. There is currently a debate on what Tracy's future should be: should she be eaten or saved' Viva! wants to save Tracy from the Christmas knife and are trying to persuade GWR to give her to us so we can provide a happy home in the country where she can live out her turkey days. 'Christmas is supposedly a time of peace and goodwill, of feasting and celebration, for spreading kindness and compassion', says Viva!'s Toni Vernelli. "Auctioning off a living being to be slaughtered and eaten hardly seems in the spirit of Christmas. GWR should show Tracy some peace and goodwill and let Viva! give her a loving home this Christmas'. Every year in Britain around 28 million turkeys are slaughtered for food " a third of them killed for Christmas. In the wild, they spend their lives roosting in trees and flying at up to 50 mph. They can live as long as 10 years yet 98 per cent of UK turkeys are factory farmed and killed at just a few weeks old. Viva!'s undercover investigations have revealed that for most, their short lives are filled with pain and misery. "We can all save a turkey this festive season', says Toni Vernelli. "The best Christmas present you can give yourself - and to all animals - is to go vegetarian!' For all those who want to give turkeys a break and go vegetarian this year, Viva! is offering a free Christmas Celebration Feast booklet. Written by Jenny Seagrove from the TV series Judge John Deed, it contains delicious meat-free recipes for all the family. It can be viewed and downloaded at For further information, contact Toni Vernelli on 0117 944 1000 or 0797 069 0468, or Justin Kerswell on 0786 217 3377.