Viva! sing-a-long to save animals! | Viva!

Viva! sing-a-long to save animals!

30 Stars & Celebrities Record 'Big Band Aid' Single for Christmas 2013

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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Stars come together to record a charity single for British animal group Viva! for worldwide release on December 8 2013

The Eclectic mix include: Jerome Flynn, Hazel O'Connor, Dave Spikey, Jenny Seagrove, Kerry Ellis, Hayley Mills, Macka B, Uri Geller, Jilly Johnson, Josef Brown, Sue Cook, Virginia McKenna OBE, David Van Day, Janey Lee Grace, Alan Ford, Jared Paul, Simon O'Brien, Liza Goddard, David Hamilton, Cindy Jackson, Sue Moxley, Owen Paul, CJ de Mooi, Vince Hill, Sue Jameson, Sarah Jane Honeywell, Alexandra Bastedo, Dale Vince OBE, Trevor Weeks MBE, Pola Pospieszalska, Anneka Svenska, Victoria Eisermann, Bob Kingsley, Sophie Shaw-

Brought together by Big Band Musical Director Debbie Curtis The 2 Track Single will raise money and awareness for the charity who campaign against animal cruelty, particularly 'Factory Farming'.

Viva! recently persuaded Amazon to ban the sale of Foie-gras due to the cruel forced feeding of ducks. Just one of many achievements over 20 years of campaigning.  

Juliet Gellatley, founder and director of Viva!, says: “Debbie’s Big Band for the animals is a fun way to get important animal issues to the public this Christmas. We are so grateful to Debbie and everyone else who has given their time to bring so many well-known faces together to raise money for Viva!’s lifesaving campaigns.”

The project is further endorsed by numerous other stars, politicians and renowned business personalities.

More details (including celebrity quotes) available on Viva!’s website:

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The Single entitled 'Talk To The Animals' by 'Debbie Curtis Big Band Aid' features the celebrities vocals line by line. The title track is a cover from the original Doctor Doolittle Film starring Rex Harrison, with Debbie's 17 strong swing orchestra providing the backing.

Recorded over the past 10 months, the finished single is now available to pre-order on iTunes and will also become available on Amazon mp3 on release day.

The second track, 'All The Same' is contemporary, written especially by Debbie and producer Chris Baker. Featuring a selection of the artists, the track includes a hard hitting rap from USA Slam Poet 'Jared Paul' who penned his part himself and is intended to provoke reaction.

Supporting videos for both songs go on sale December 15th. The video for 'All The

Same' will carry a warning that viewers may find some images upsetting! Bite size Teasers of the videos are on the Debbie Curtis website or via YouTube!

A digital delivery Press Pack is available on request containing, mp3 samples, cover art, background docs etc

Questions and/or Interview opportunities with Debbie Curtis should be directed to please contact the stars and celebrities agents directly.

Twitter @SongForAnimals #TalkToTheAnimals #BigBandAid

Facebook: Debbie Curtis Radio Big Band

For more information, please visit:

Contact Information:

Name: Nigel Ward
Company: Debbie Curtis Big Band Aid

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