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Veggie Babies Get "Great Start in Life" With New Guide

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

A WEALTH of practical information for veggie mums and babies has been brought together in a well-researched new guide by Viva! and the Vegetarian & Vegan Foundation (VVF). Authored by, Juliet Gellatley, and leading cookery writer, Rose Elliot, the Vegetarian and Vegan Mother and Baby Guide brings together everything you need to know about what foods provide the correct nutritional balance so babies can thrive on a plant-based diet. The guide contains information on:

  • Increasing nutrients for a healthy pregnancy
  • What to eat each day for health " pre and post pregnancy
  • The importance of breastfeeding
  • Foods for weaning and how to prepare them

The Vegetarian and Vegan Mother and Baby Guide also features a week's menu plan for toddlers' lunches and dinners and special recipes for both toddler and mother. Nutritional therapist Juliet Gellatley says: "Bringing up your baby on a plant-based diet really can give them the best start in life " promoting healthy eating patterns in childhood while reducing their risk of developing some chronic diseases of adulthood in later life. 'the Vegetarian and Vegan Mother and Baby Guide shows you, simply, how to feed you and your baby a well-balanced vegetarian or vegan diet, complete with all the vitamins, minerals, protein, fibre, complex carbohydrates and essential fats the body needs without the harmful saturated fat and cholesterol that animal products provide.' To order the Vegetarian and Vegan Mother and Baby Guide for "1.90 plus p+p, please call 0117 944 1000, or visit ENDS For more information please call press officer Helen Rossiter or Juliet Gellatley on 0117 944 1000 or email or visit or The Vegetarian and Vegan Mother and Baby Guide is one of 17 guides by Viva!. The VVF also produces guides and fact sheets on nutrition. For lists of guides available, please refer to the contact details above.

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