No sleigh for Santa as Harvey Nics sells "cruel" pâté made from Rudolf | Viva!

No sleigh for Santa as Harvey Nics sells "cruel" pâté made from Rudolf

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Friday, December 16, 2011

POSH department store Harvey Nichols is stooping to new lows for a quick Christmas 'buck' according to animal lovers - by selling pâté made from our friend Rudolf. Europe's largest campaigning animal group Viva! - are demanding bosses at Harvey Nics take Reindeer pâté - from London company Edible - off the shelves immediately. The pâté made of 'selected cuts of reindeer, and seasoned with cognac and spices' is being sold in stores including Bristol and online, for a whopping £15 for 190g. The packaging of the sick product boasts that the pâté is made from a 'farm raised relative of Rudolf' and is an 'artic delicacy and indulgent Christmas treat'. The sale comes as a surprise after Lidl failed to re-stock Reindeer steaks this season, following a campaign by Viva! last Christmas that highlighted significant welfare concerns. Viva! campaigns manager, Justin Kerswell says: “Harvey Nichols maybe mostly full of festive cheer this year, but that doesn't extend to Santa's traditional animal helpers. What kind of sicko would relish cracking open a tin of reindeer pâté come Christmas Day' And what kind of store would think it was appropriate to sell it' “Viva! have been shocked by the reindeer meat industry. Animals are often herded with helicopters and can suffer from so much stress that their muscles can literally waste away. Now, according to Harvey Nichols' suppliers these wild animals are being farmed. What could possibly be ethical about that' “We have written to Harvey Nichols calling on them to withdraw sales of Reindeer pâté with immediate effect and are calling on all consumers to have a cruelty-free veggie Christmas. ENDS

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