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Mass Protest Against Renewed Veal Calf Exports

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Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Dover -- A mass protest against the export of live calves to European veal crates " a highly-controversial trade with serious animal welfare considerations " is being organised by the UK's largest vegetarian campaigns group, Viva! The demonstration will take place the day after the first shipment of calves leaves the UK in over 10 years. Date : Saturday, May 6 Time : 11am to 3pm Place : Dover seafront, near the eastern docks Over 75 per cent of the British public claim to be against live exports and, before the beef ban brought an end to calf exports 10 years ago, mass demonstrations by ordinary people closed export ports such as Brightlingsea, Shoreham and Plymouth and ended shipments from Coventry airport. Viva!, along with many other animal welfare groups, has pledged to bring a halt to exports from Dover with similar protests. Up to 500,000 newborn male dairy calves, unable to produce milk and too scrawny for beef, face journeys of 30 hours or more from Britain to veal farms in France, Belgium and the Netherlands. Many are still using veal crates, in which calves are kept in solitary confinement in a space so small they cannot even turn around. It is a system considered so cruel that it has been banned in Britain as a result of persistent campaigning. "We are constantly hearing British farmers claim that they care deeply about their animals' says Toni Vernelli, Viva!'s campaigns manager. "Their eagerness to condemn calves to one of the most barbaric and cruel systems ever devised gives the lie to that. The Government's refusal to act, despite early pledges to ban the trade, leaves the solution in the hands of ordinary people and we are urging them to join our protest and voice their disgust'. For more information contact Toni Vernelli or Justin Kerswell on 0117 944 1000