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Lincs lady has winning dishes cooked up by Heather Mills

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A TALENTED cook from Lincolnshire has been named as the winner of a national vegan cookery competition.

Sally Taylor, of Manby, created an inspiring and original three course meal as part of a competition by campaigning vegetarian and vegan group, Viva!.

Her dishes, which consisted of Courgette Fritters with a Balsamic Pesto Sauce; Leek & Sun-dried Tomato Timbales served with a fresh Tomato Sauce; followed by Turkish Delightful Chocolate Cream Pie, beat hundreds of other entries to Viva!'s Fruity Fundays cookery competition, aimed at encouraging people to eat veggie or vegan as many times a week as they can.

Her dishes were picked out and commended by vegetarian cookery writer, Rose Elliot and Viva! founder & director, Juliet Gellatley.

As the prize, Sally and her family were invited as special guests to the Brighton restaurant of vegan campaigner and Viva! Patron, Heather Mills, VBites - where Heather cooked up her Courgette Fritters and served them for dinner.

Sally's recipes will also be published in Viva!'s national magazine, Viva!Life.

Sally says: “"I was just so completely shocked to win - I do a lot of cooking for friends, family and our local veggie and art group, but I never believe them when they tell me I am a good cook!! I felt absolutely over the moon, especially as it was for my favourite charity, and it was just such a brilliant experience to meet some of the Viva! team and of course Heather Mills, certainly a day I will never forget!"

Juliet says: “We were very impressed with Sally's recipes and the effort she went to in creating them. The starter in particular, was very fresh and tasty. Congratulations to her for creating the very best Fruity Fundays recipes.

Heather says: “My family loved Sally's recipes. The Courgette Fritters tasted like an egg omelette and were so simple to cook. We all had a great night.


For more information about this media release, contact Viva! press officer, Helen Rossiter by emailing or calling 0117 944 1000.

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