Lambing lies: the truth about Britain's sheep farms revealed in weekend of action | Viva!

Lambing lies: the truth about Britain's sheep farms revealed in weekend of action

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Thursday, April 5, 2012

ANIMAL lovers across the UK will be joining forces over Easter weekend as part of a national campaign to highlight the suffering of sheep and lambs on British farms. Although many see it as the ultimate in free-range farming, the seemingly idyllic scene of a ewe and her lambs grazing is misleading - according to vegetarian campaigning group, Viva!. Viva! are hosting a weekend of action, involving local groups and supporters - who will be raising awareness of welfare concerns with sheep farming - by distributing tens of thousands of leaflets. The event is part of Viva!'s Lambing Lies campaign. The group have also just released their short film showing what they claim is the truth behind sheep farming's cosy image, and features undercover footage. You can view it at Campaigns director, Justin Kerswell, says: “These animals spend their entire lives under human control. Behind the pastoral image lies an industry that relies on the mutilation of baby animals - and where life for many sheep and lambs is short and filled with pain, disease and fear. “This Easter, Viva! blows apart the cosy image of British sheep farming with the aim of encouraging consumes to think twice about eating lamb and going vegetarian instead. Facts about Lambs from Viva! Lambs are born in mid-Winter Babies who should be born in Spring are now often delivered in mid-Winter - to steal a march on the Spring lamb market! Lambs die from hunger and hypothermia Human manipulation that has brought this about and the mass deaths from hunger and hypothermia that result. Lambs are separated from their mothers Viva!'s heart-rending, undercover footage of livestock markets such as Exeter - shows lambs separated from their mothers, shivering in the February cold; the mournful bleats of ewes calling for their babies and the shriller call of lambs replying to mothers they will never see again. Lambs are mutilated Horrible mutilations are routine for many British lambs - tails amputated with a knife, hot iron or a tight rubber ring, causing part of the tail to slowly die. Then there's castration. Much of it is done without anaesthetics. Viva! founder & director, Juliet Gellatley, features in a special appeal film for lambs this Easter For more information about Lambing Lies, visit To get cruelty-free Easter recipes please visit ENDS For more information about this media release, contact press officer Helen Rossiter on 0117 944 1000 or by emailing, or by calling Justin Kerswell on the same number or by emailing

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