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The Incredible Veggie Roadshow comes to Bath

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Monday, January 4, 2010

A FANTASTIC roadshow, featuring everything you ever wanted to know about going, being or staying veggie is coming to Bath in February.

Organised by Europe's largest campaigning vegetarian organisation, Viva!, The Incredible Veggie Roadshow, being held in The Guildhall, High Street, opens its doors on Saturday, February 6.

The event will feature a special cookery demonstration from Bath's own vegetarian culinary expert, Rachel Demuth, of Demuths Restaurant, North Parade Passage.

There will be also a great range of delicious food tastings and all the advice you could ever want on changing your diet or improving your health and it's all free.

A brilliant family day out, there will be cookery demonstrations, talks, veggie stalls, competitions, cruelty-free fashion, beauty products, vegan food products, books, information and campaign news. Free nutritional advice will also be available.

International director of Viva!, Juliet Gellatley, says: "This is essentially a fun day out which is a celebration of veggie living. For the increasing numbers of people who want to find out more about improving their health, saving animals and protecting the environment, this is an upbeat event which will entertain and help.'

The roadshow runs from 10.30am to 4pm. Entry is free. For further information and a map to the roadshow visit

If you would like to volunteer to help at Bath's Incredible Veggie Roadshow, Viva! would love to hear from you. Please call 0117 944 1000 for more information.

The Incredible Veggie Roadshow is organised by Viva!, and sponsored by Demuths Restaurant, Fry's Vegetarian, Hempish, Harvest, Ecotricity, Bute Island Foods and Searcys.


For more information, contact Justin Kerswell on 0117 944 1000. For media interviews, features ideas or competition opportunities contact press officer Helen Rossiter on 0117 944 1000. For nutritional information, contact Justine Butler on 0117 970 5190.

Notes to Editors

Viva!'s Bath Roadshow follows the success of the 25 roadshows the group have held across the UK since October 2004, which have been attended by nearly 40,000 people. A third of those attending the shows were meat eaters looking for help in cutting down their intake. The Incredible Veggie Roadshows have helped thousands of people go vegetarian and vegan, or cut down on their meat, and have been credited with saving millions of animals' lives.

Viva! is an international animal campaigning group with offices in the UK and Poland and carries out undercover investigations to expose animal abuse. Successes include ending the sale of "exotic' meats such as kangaroo and crocodile by all big supermarkets, stopping the debeaking of ducks in the UK, slashing the export of Polish "meat' horses to the EU and, most recently, persuading hotel chain City Inn to remove foie-gras from their festive menus. Viva! also offers help to people wanting to go vegetarian or vegan.

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