Free Magazine Helps You Go Vegan with Exclusive Health Tips, Recipe Hacks and Celebrity Inspo | Viva! - The Vegan Charity

Free Magazine Helps You Go Vegan with Exclusive Health Tips, Recipe Hacks and Celebrity Inspo

The UK’s leading vegan charity has launched a new FREE vegan super pack to educate people about the health implications of eating meat and dairy and encourage them to try veganism.

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Friday, June 7, 2019

Viva! – the vegan campaigning charity – has launched a FREE vegan magazine which lays out the clear case for veganism. The Everyone’s Going Vegan magazine provides information about the three main pathways into veganism – health, environment and animal welfare – and splits these topics into handy bite-sized articles, infographics and nutritional charts.

The 64-page magazine includes vegan inspiration from celebrities and athletes, including an exclusive interview with Game of Thrones star Jerome Flynn, plus meals plans to help you change your diet in the healthiest way possible. The updated title also contains 16 gorgeous recipes which are designed to be simple and satisfying, including dairy-free Dauphinoise Potatoes, Teriyaki Tofu, and a deliciously decadent White Chocolate and Raspberry Cheesecake.

Commenting on the magazine launch, Juliet Gellatley, Viva! founder and director said:

“There’s no denying it, veganism is booming! Everywhere you look, restaurants and supermarkets are rushing to provide products for the vegan consumer. Increasingly more people are asking questions about how to change their diet and our new magazine can provide the answers.

The Everyone’s Going Vegan magazine is here to encourage people to try veganism and provides everything they might need to take those first crucial steps. We all know how it feels to be curious about veganism but unsure where to start. That's one of the reasons why we have launched the magazine – to answer the most common questions that new and aspiring vegans have. And, to make it even easier, we’re offering the magazine for free.

Eating healthily can often feel like an impossible task in our hectic modern lives! But that’s the best thing about vegan diets. You can eat your old favourite dishes, such as spaghetti bolognese or stir-fries, while still treating yourself to chocolate and cakes as the vegan versions are much better for you. You will feel fitter and healthier with minimal changes – once you know our simple recipe hacks, the rest will come naturally. The truly has never been a better time to go vegan.”

Readers can order their FREE copy of Everyone’s Going Vegan using the code VEGANSUPERPACK1X19

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Notes to editors:

  • Everyone’s Going Vegan normally retails at £4
  • Free copies are available for UK residents only. The magazine is free to all but postage must be paid by those outside of the UK - £5.10 for EU residents.
  • For more information about this media release, contact Roisin McAuley, Viva! PR & Marketing Manager on or 0117 944 1000, or email the press office

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