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Four Big Reasons Why You Don't Need Meat

An illustrated talk by the founder of the world's largest vegetarian organisation

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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

You can dramatically improve your health, stop animal suffering, reduce environmental degradation and help the world's most impoverished people with one simple action. That will be the essence of a talk to be given by one of the country's most determined campaigners at Broadmead Baptist Church (above Tesco Metro), Union Street, Bristol, on Wednesday, May 4 at 7.30pm. Juliet Gellatley is an author and founder/director of the world's largest campaining vegetarian organisation, Viva!, based in Wilder Street, Bristol. Juliet will outline how an avalanche of scientific research now shows how easy it is to dramatically reduce your risk of the West's biggest killer diseases " heart disease, strokes, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, cancer and other degenerative diseases " by going vegetarian. She will trace the impact that livestock production has on all the world's most pressing environmental problems, show how the West's addiction to meat is killing millions of people across the world and reveal the conditions that farm animals are forced to endure for the sake of cheap meat. She will also demolish the myth that fish is a healthy food. Clips from some of Viva!'s secretly filmed videos will be shown. Viva!'s campaigns regularly hit the headlines and have had a major impact in Britain, Poland and the USA " all countries where it works. In the UK it has exposed the factory-farm conditions in which pigs, turkeys, ducks and chickens are kept with undercover filming, it persuaded supermarkets to dump exotic meats such as kangaroo and ostrich, ended the cruel debeaking of ducks, got Marks & Spencer and Harrods to stop selling factory farmed ducks and helped to end "home' slaughter. In Poland it brought about a slump in the live export of "meat' horses to Italy. In the US it persuaded an entire supermarket chain to rewrite its animal welfare conditions (Whole Foods, now owners of Bristol's Fresh & Wild) and helped ban foie gras in California. Entry is free and refreshments will be available, along with a large selection of vegetarian cookery books, campaign materials and Viva!'s great merchandise. About Juliet Gellatley. Juliet was director of the Vegetarian Society before founding Viva! 10 years ago and, more recently, the Vegetarian & Vegan Foundation. Her accolades include Cosmopolitan mag. Woman of the Year, Pride of Britain Linda McCartney Award for Animal Welfare, Australian Wildlife Protection Council Award and the Vegetarian Society Achievement Award. Juliet has authored three books. Further information, contact Tony Wardle or Graeme Wotherspoon on 0117 944 1000 [ends]

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