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Europe's largest vegetarian event comes to London in April

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

EUROPE's largest vegetarian event comes to London in April 2009, featuring everything you ever wanted to know about being or going veggie or vegan " or simply cutting down on meat.

Hosted by leading vegetarian campaigning group Viva! The Incredible Veggie Show takes place on Saturday, April 18, at The Royal Horticultural Halls, Lawrence Hall & Conference Centre, Greycoat Street, from 10am " 6pm.

As with previous shows, the 2009 extravaganza will provide inspiration and information for all " and everything at the show will be suitable for all " 100 per cent vegan and 100 per cent cruelty-free. It promises to be a fun day out for people looking to improve their health, save animals and protect the environment.

Admission is "4, under 18s free and you can save 25 per cent by booking your tickets in advance by visiting or calling Viva! on 0117 944 1000.

If you would like to run a competition with Viva! for your readers to win tickets to the show please contact us.

Show highlights include:

' everything you ever wanted to know about being or going vegetarian or vegan " or simply cutting down on meat;

' the chance to discover a whole new world of animal-free products including food and drink, bodycare, clothing and footwear and much more!

' over 100 stalls;

' cookery demos; including by Viva! patron, Heather Mills and celebrity veggie chef, Rose Elliot

' three talks areas;

' free food samples including dedicated areas run by Viva! providing a selection of hot dishes from around the world and ready-to-eat products;

' free nutritional advice, provided by the Vegetarian & Vegan Foundation;

' competitions and special offers;

' kids play area;

' vegan caf'.

Viva!'s founder and director, Juliet Gellatley, says: "There continues to be a massive change in public attitudes towards eating meat. Vegetarians and vegans contribute far less to the destruction of the environment so for our planet's sake there is an urgent need to move away from our meat and dairy obsessed Western diet. People are also

keen to find out why vegetarians and vegans tend to be healthier and live longer than meat-eaters. The Incredible Veggie Show is the perfect place to find out how you really can save the world and thousands of animals " at the same time as improving your health " all with your knife and fork!'

Viva! is an international vegetarian and vegan campaigning group based in Bristol, also with offices in Poland. It carries out undercover investigations to expose the abuse of factory farmed animals and its successes include getting foie-gras removed from menus in restaurants across the country; the dumping of all "exotic' meats such as kangaroo and crocodile by UK supermarkets; ending the debeaking of UK ducks; slashing the export of Polish "meat' horses to the EU and persuading a US supermarket chain to entirely rewrite its animal welfare codes. Viva! has helped many thousands of people become vegetarian or vegan and works to save animals and explain how consuming them is destroying our planet.

For more information about The Incredible Veggie Show, visit or contact Justin Kerswell at Viva! on 0117 944 1000.


For more information about The Incredible Veggie Show, visit or contact Justin Kerswell at Viva! on 0117 944 1000. For interviews, photographs and feature articles on the show, contact press officer Helen Rossiter or campaigns manager Justin Kerswell also on 0117 944 1000 or email

Please visit our new Incredible Veggie Show Media Area online by clicking on the link from Viva!'s homepage or by visiting

The 2009 Incredible Veggie Show follows the huge success of shows in 2005 and 2007, which in total attracted over 8,500 people.

The Incredible Veggie Roadshow is organised by Viva! and sponsored by:

Beanie's Health Foods Ltd
Bute Island Foods Ltd
Cook Vegetarian
Plamil Foods Ltd
The Redwood Wholefood Company Ltd
SPEAK Political

Vegetarian & Vegan Foundation

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