Day of Action across the UK will protest against repeal of Hunting Act | Viva!

Day of Action across the UK will protest against repeal of Hunting Act

(For list of locations of major events see bottom of release)

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Monday, September 13, 2010

WILDLIFE lovers in towns and cities across the country will be taking to the streets in peaceful protest later this month as part of a national Day of Action against a repeal of the Hunting Act, being pioneered by Queen guitarist, Brian May. On Saturday, September 18, hundreds of supporters of animal group Viva!, will be taking part in the Day of Action, with demonstrations, speaking to the public and distributing leaflets. Since 2005, when the Act was implemented, 137 convictions have been made under the legislation, making it one of the most successful wildlife laws. But it is now under threat from the Coalition Government. As part of the campaign, the Day of Action will call upon as many people as possible to contact their MP and ask them to vote against the ban being repealed. The event is being organised by Viva!, Animal Aid and Uncaged, as part of Brian May's high profile Save Me campaign, calling for the decent treatment of all animals, focusing on the plight of the fox and other hunted wild animals. Viva! founder, director and zoologist, Juliet Gellatley, says: “A huge step forward in animal welfare took place when the hunting of wild animals with dogs was banned after 80 years of campaigning. It is vital this ban stays in place, for the sake of all the foxes, hares, deer and mink who will again be legally hunted and savaged to death for fun. “We are determined to do everything in our power, with all our supporters, to help prevent this needless and senseless slaughter being brought back to our countryside. All the groups believe the arguments for continuing this outdated and cruel bloodsport have been shot down and proved wrong. Foxes, for example, are a vital part of the British landscape and, like many animals, naturally regulate their own population by availability of food and how many suitable habitats there are. Hare, deer and fox hunting would again involve chasing the animals to exhaustion before they are ripped to pieces by hounds. Peaceful demonstrations, stalls and the distributing of leaflets will be taking place in many towns and cities across the UK for the Day of Action. For more information about Save Me or any actions being organised by Viva!, please visit or ENDS For more information about this media release and for local contacts, contact Viva! press officer Helen Rossiter or campaigns manager Justin Kerswell, by emailing or or calling 0117 944 1000. Locations of major events by Viva! supporters as part of the Day of Action Worchester Cambridge Southampton Exeter Torquay Conway Shropshire Milton Keynes Leeds