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Call for Public to Go Vegan on Stop Live Transport International Awareness Day

On 14 June, Stop Live Transport International Awareness Day, vegan campaigning charity Viva! is partnering with The Save Movement in urging the public to take a stand against live export and go vegan.

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Friday, June 14, 2019

On Stop Live Transport International Awareness Day, Viva! and The Save Movement are launching their brand new video to support activists across the world bearing witness and facing off against factory farming.

Each year, millions of live farmed animals are transported over long distances, without sufficient food and water. The animals are often sick, injured, too young, and are packed into overcrowded vehicles. The conditions in which the animals are transported are regularly extreme – either in sweltering heat or freezing cold temperatures.

Lex Rigby, Viva! Campaigns Manager, explained the campaign:

“Each time activists from The Save Movement bear witness to live transport, they are looking into the eyes of an animal who is close to death. It is a brutal and unnecessary end for all farmed animals.

Our new video, in collaboration with The Save Movement, focuses on the lifecycle of a dairy cow and exposes the brutal truth about dairy farming – from artificial insemination and a perpetual cycle of pregnancy, to having their new-born calves ripped away shortly after birth. Once the dairy industry considers her spent, these exhausted mothers are then loaded onto transport trucks for slaughter. Some cows travel long distances, and many will be alone and frightened. This is the end part of her life journey – a discarded piece of trash, just like her babies.

Alongside encouraging the public to go vegan, this video aims to raise awareness of the ways in which animal lovers are coming together to bear witness at slaughterhouses. The photos and videos that are taken by The Save Movement give these animals the recognition they deserve and help to awaken compassion in people. We urge all who oppose animal cruelty to join us, bear witness and choose a kind, healthy diet. Choose vegan.

Viva! and The Save Movement are encouraging activists to hold street actions, leaflet drops, talks and screenings to raise awareness about live transport.

Order a pack of Viva! leaflets supporting The Save Movement:

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For more information about vigils near you see:

For interviews or quotes please contact Roisin McAuley on 0117 944 1000 or email

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