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Balloon take off for Bath's gassy meat eaters

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Thursday, May 29, 2008

A TYPICAL meat eater in Bath is responsible for annually 1.2 tonnes more global warming gases being produced compared to someone eating a vegan diet. This is more than 197 balloons worth of these damaging gases everyday! Bristol based Viva! are bringing these facts to life with balloons, showing how more global warming gases are produced by one person eating meat and dairy, compared to someone who has ditched meat and dairy. Viva! is calling on people in Bath to change their diet to help save the planet " by going vegetarian or, better still, vegan. New research has also found if the population of Bath and North East Somerset went vegan for a year; ' 104,400 tonnes less damaging gases would be produced. ' More than 136,000 starving people in the world could be fed ' If everyone in the area didn't eat beef for a year, over three million people could have the water they need to survive in developing countries. ' Hundreds of thousands of acres of rainforest could be saved. Vegans have smaller carbon footprints than meat-eaters. Going vegan for a year is 20 per cent more effective in reducing global warming emissions than taking five "green' steps put together. By ditching meat and dairy you would spare 1.2 tonnes of global warming gases. This is compared to just 960kg in gases by recycling, not using a tumble dyer, driving sensibly, taking showers instead of baths and using low energy lightbulbs. Viva!'s associate director, Tony Wardle, says: "The most effective thing anyone can do to help the planet is to go vegan. It makes substantially more difference than just taking these several "green' steps, which many people try to do. Eighteen percent of greenhouse gases are produced by livestock farming " more than all the world's planes, boats, cars and trains combined. About two thirds of the nitrous oxide and ammonia that cause acid rain come from manure. Livestock farming is destroying the Earth, but by adopting a vegan diet, people can really make a marked difference.' More people than ever are meat-reducing, and moving towards kinder, environmentally-friendly vegetarian and vegan diets. If the entire UK population went vegan, the benefit to the most threatening environmental problems would be immense, claim Viva!. Visit for more information about how going vegan can help save the planet, reduce your chances of developing some of the UK's biggest killer diseases, and help stop animals suffering in your name. Alternatively, call Viva! on 0117 944 1000 or email for a free Go Veggie pack. Tony Wardle is the author of a groundbreaking report on this topic, Diet of Disaster, which is also available to read or purchase from ENDS For more information, please contact press officer Helen Rossiter or campaigns manager, Justin Kerswell on 0117 944 1000 or by emailing Biodegradable natural latex balloons were used for the photograph and they were not released.

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In an open letter to Bill Gates, Viva! asks Bill Gates to put his mouth where his money is and support going vegan for the planet.

Open letter to Bill Gates

I read, with some dismay, your blog Is There Enough Meat for Everyone? I see that this was written some time ago and hope that you have since changed your position to one more in keeping with current thinking.

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