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Anti-dairy Ad Aims to Tarnish Milk's "Natural' Image

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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Eye-catching billboard set to turn heads across Britain

A giant billboard featuring a well-dressed businessman drinking milk straight from a startled cow will begin a seven city tour of Britain next week. Bearing the slogan "Cut Out the Middleman. Milk " still think it's natural'', the ad aims to turn heads " and possibly a few stomachs " by highlighting the bizarre reality of milk consumption.

The new ad, which will visit London, Coventry, Manchester, Leeds, Exeter, Cardiff and Bristol, is part of a groundbreaking anti-dairy campaign launched this month by animal campaign group Viva! The Dark Side of Dairy, the group's shocking new report and video, exposes the crippling lameness, painful udder infections and physical exhaustion which plague Britain's two million dairy cows. It also reveals the gruesome fate of unwanted male calves " every year up to 200,000 are shot in the head just hours afterbirth.

'Drinking milk isn't just cruel, it's unnatural!', says Viva!'s Senior Campaigner Toni Vernelli. "Cows produce milk to feed their babies, just like human mothers do. Our bizarre habit of drinking milk from a different species not only deprives calves of their rightful food, but also leads to a myriad of human illnesses. Drinking cow's milk is no more natural than drinking badger's milk or cat's milk.'

A copy of Viva!'s exciting new ad is enclosed. The image can also be downloaded at:

For more information on Viva!'s anti-dairy campaign contact Toni Vernelli on 0117 944 1000, or Tony Wardle on 0117 944 1000.