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Viva! talk testimonials

If you'd like to contact us to request a talk, please email or call the office at 0117 944 1000 (Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm).


After Why You Don’t Need Dairy by Juliet Gellatley:

Karen and Roger, October 2015: "Although we are newbie vegans and still learning, we were inspired to switch from vegetarianism to veganism by you and your charity.  We saw you talk about why we don't need dairy at a show last year in London.  It was your non-judgemental but informative and inclusive approach which appealed to us and lead to us beginning the change."

Anon, October 2015: "Your 'Why You Don't Need Dairy' talk on Saturday was excellent. I came with 2 friends - 1 vegetarian and 1 meat eater. The vegetarian is now undertaking the 30 day pledge and feels sick at the thought of dairy, and my meat eating friend has decided to become vegetarian! Excellent work :) xx"

James, Fortify Café, Maidstone: "Juliet inspired me greatly when I heard her speak at veg fest a couple of years ago so she's played a big part in our exciting change." 

Viva! Member: "Sue rang to renew her membership and asked me to let you know how much she enjoyed your (Juliet's) talk yesterday, she said it made a big impact. She likes the way you alternate your voice tone to keep everyone captivated, unlike a lot of speakers who speak in monotone, and says keep up the fantastic work."

Felisa: "I am emailing you as my vegan friend is convinced that you will have an alternative for the Krill.  She came to one of your talks a couple of years ago when she turned vegan and you were an inspiration to her…"

Jo: "Thank you for being so inspirational! Your speech on why we don't need dairy turned me vegan, from carnivore, literally overnight! Now 14 months and I won't go back." 


After Mood Food by Juliet Gellatley:

Anon: "Thank you so much for your inspirational healthy, vegan, scientific based Mood Food Talk, Juliet, Your dynamism is amazing, no wonder VIVA! has achieved so much in just 20 years. Linda meant it when she said we were honoured and we also liked your naughty sense of humour!"

James: "Happily, we've become even more vegan friendly over the past year and this reflects a change in my own diet which has been inspired by seeing Juliet speak in Brighton and watching Earthlings, Forks Over Knives, etc." 

Gill: "Your talk was fascinating and I like your sense of humour! I wanted to tell you that I'm implementing the changes you suggested - you said I'd feel better within a  month and I do. Thank you..."


After Soya Story by Veronika Powell:

Pascal: "As a regular visitor to the UK (especially London), committed to animal welfare and environment protection in my country, 100% vegetarian for more than 15 years now, I‘ve heard about Viva! many times along these years but I must admit I have been quite impressed and truly discovered the great job you do every day by visiting VegFestUK in London last September. I attended Veronika Powell’s talk about soya and that is exactly what I like the most about you; you clearly link the way we eat with the impact on animal welfare and the environment. Thanks in advance for your reply and once again a big THANK for your commitment to make the world a better place for both animals and humans." 


After a talk and cookery demonstration by Jane Easton:

Anon: "Just keeping you updated – it’s nice to have someone I can share the moment with! I know I’m not trying to put a label on it, but with my planned tofu stir fry for tea (well for me anyway) this will be my first full Vegan day!!!!  Already feeling healthier! 

I’ve been pleasantly surprised by my partner’s  response too.  Whilst I have promised not to shove hard-core tofu at the rest of the family (well to start with) he has conceded that it would be healthier if we all eat less meat and dairy and more veggie/vegan stuff.  He has also said that he will be supportive and open to trying new things and that it would be an added bonus if I could create vegan versions of family favourites so that it doesn’t feel like too much of a transition, especially for the kids.

Feeling like things are really moving forward now, and seeing you guys the other week was just the encouragement I needed."


If you'd like to contact us to request a talk, please email or call the office at 0117 944 1000 (Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm).