Viva! shows the REAL Halloween Horror outside Tesco! | Viva!

Viva! shows the REAL Halloween Horror outside Tesco!

Viva! shows the REAL Halloween Horror outside Tesco!

Many of you have been following Viva!’s Hogwood campaign, in which we expose the appalling conditions found on an intensive pig farm in Warwickshire.

Earlier this week, on Halloween, Juliet Gellately and Viva! staff traveled to a large Tesco store in Stratford-Upon-Avon - the nearest town to Hogwood Farm – so that we could send a loud and clear message to Tesco and shoppers that the real horror this Halloween is Tesco’s abuse of pigs.

This was a very special event and we started the day with a ‘shhhh we have a surprise event!’ graphic on social media and then the work started!

At 07:45 sharp, highly skilled make-up artist, Harriet, from Wales set up shop in the Viva! office to turn us into Hogwood pigs! 

Bit by bit, using vegan make-up, Harriet created incredibly realistic, factory farmed pig faces on us. Using paints, glue, prosthetic noses and plastic ears, we were transformed!

At 11 o’clock, we set off to on our journey to Tesco - four pigs and three skeletons in the back of a hire car! We were met at the store by a journalist from the local newspaper and curious Tesco shoppers! We handed out plenty of leaflets and information on our 30-Day Vegan programme. We also offered people the chance to view inside the farm using our virtual reality headsets.

After a hugely successful day, we headed to Hogwood Farm itself to meet with activists who had organised a protest there. We stayed for a while to support the dedicated activists and send another clear message, this time to Brian Hobill, that the pigs on his farm, will not be forgotten.

There is still time to sign the petition against the horrors inside Hogwood Farm. Visit

To stop the suffering, try vegan. For the animals, everywhere.