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Viva! friendly businesses send best wishes!

We have worked some amazing people and businesses over the past 20 years. Many have supported our work - and we salute them as friends and fellow campaigners.

The ones below have been nice enough to send us congratulations on our 20th anniversary! Click on their link to find out more.

Read below what they have to say about Viva!:
"Congratulations to Viva! and all of its supporters, employees and volunteers.  Together you have achieved so much in the fight against the inhumane and gratuitous slaughter of animals.  Your commitment is inspiring and I wish you all of the best at this time of celebration.  You have shown that it is possible to be vegan, healthy, happy and successful.  Keep up the amazing work; we're behind you all the way!" 
Heather Mills, V Bites and Viva! Patron 
“Congratulations to Viva! for 20 years of campaigning, with lots of great results along the way. They’ve exposed some shocking abuse, suffering and neglect of animals over the last two decades and the work they do is vital in raising awareness of that cruelty and effecting real change.”

Dale Vince, Ecotricity Founder and Viva! Patron

"Our work with Viva! started in October 2004 when they launched their “Incredible Veggie Road Shows” - Pat and I have attended a whopping 31 vegan events with Juliet and her lovely team of diligent helpers since then. We have travelled the country spreading the word about the work of Viva! and feeding the public with samples of our FRY’S products. Exposing animal cruelty through education is how Viva! operate and they tirelessly spread the vegan message through tasty food, their informative publications and campaigns. Pat and I are proud to have been included in their mission to inform everyone about living an animal friendly lifestyle…… congratulations on your 20th anniversary and long may your great work continue…"

Lisa Drummy (director), Fry’s 

"Congratulations Viva on your twentieth birthday! That's twenty years of inspirational materials from nutritional advice and recipes to guides, films and health information alongside tireless campaign efforts, may there be another twenty years to come!"

Emma Fry, Director Veganbnb

"We love Viva! because we too believe animals are not for eating, that’s why there’s no meat in our sweets!"

Nick & Elisa Edwards, NEED SWEETS



"Happy Anniversary to our friends at Viva!  20 years of helping to make this world a more cruelty-free place needs to be celebrated and commended.  Congratulations to Viva!  and thank you for your continued hard work! Much love, Ms. Cupcake."

Melissa Morgan, Chief Cupcaker, Ms. Cupcake

"Congratulations on your 20th birthday VIVA! We love your magazine and the way you are promoting a vegan way of life."

Kate, Freerangers

"Congrats Viva! On 20 years of a job well done!"

Rob Drake-Knight, Rapanui

"I have only been involved with Viva for a short while, but I have found your staff to be very efficient and enthusiastic. Viva has great appeal for young people who feel passionately about animal welfare. Your work helps to give them a voice and subsequently encourages them to feel proud of their lifestyle choices which can make them a minority in their peer group. Keep up the good work!"

Ananda, Ananda Foods

"Congratulations on your 20th year celebrations. Your platinum anniversary truly reflects your strength and dedication to your work as a voice for all animals. You’ve been an inspiration to many of us who have made the commitment to veganism and continue to be our encouragement and a cheerleader for all things cruelty free."

From all at

"Dear Viva! Congratulations on 20 amazing years of wholehearted dedication and campaigning efforts in saving and bettering the lives of countless animals, making a HUGE difference and a wonderful contribution towards a brighter and more compassionate world. All the best wishes for renewed enthusiasm and continued success."

Vegusto UK


“Vegan Tuck Box would like to wish Viva! congratulations on their 20th anniversary. Vegan Tuck Box was established to help people to go and stay vegan by providing exciting hard to find vegan treats and we support Viva!’s work 100%.”

Kelly and Chrissy, founders of Vegan Tuck Box 

"What an amazing achievement! 20 years of brilliant campaigning, Well done VIVA! You will always have our support and keep it up, you make such a difference."  

The Mighty Burger Company


"Happy 20th Birthday Viva!! Congratulations on 20 years of education, campaigns, exposés, roadshows and everything else you do to awaken the compassion in humans and be a powerful voice for non-human animals."

Nishma & Mahersh of Shambhu's (Vegan Caterers) 

“Happy Birthday Viva!  20 years championing the vegan lifestyle, always in such a celebratory way and yet not derogatory about other life options.

Offering a vital and vibrant insight into the alternative way showing not just that it isn't a comprise but can be a joy.  As a brand we have always been proud to support and be associated with you, long may it continue.”

Steve Rudkin, Seed & Bean

“Congratulations to Viva! on 20 years campaigning for animals, educating on veganism and fighting for change.”

The Vegetarian Charity



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