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Coconut Parsnip with Red Beans, Lime & Ginger from the Viva! Cookbook

Who is Viva!?

Viva! is a registered vegan charity. Viva!Health focuses on health and nutrition. We provide:

  • accurate information from which to make informed choices
  • accessible, easy-to-understand information to help people go veggie/vegan - and dispel urban myths!
  • support in going vegan, vegetarian or meat-reducing
  •  hundreds of vegan recipes and advice on cooking
We regularly communicate this information to the public, to health professionals, schools and food manufacturers by:
  •  launching dynamic campaigns (eg on heart disease,diabetes, breast cancer and more)
  •  producing ground-breaking scientific reports
  •  publishing imaginative guides to help the public's understanding of health and food
  •  producing simple but science-based fact sheets on complex subject
Viva! works on all issues relating to food because what we eat not only affects the animals that are bred and killed but also the environment, our health and the world’s poorest people. We help supporters to make positive changes to their diet, we campaign for animals and the planet – and we host the Incredible Vegan Roadshows across the UK with free cookery demos, food samples, talks and stalls.
Viva! staff and friends at a fundraising relay race
Patrons and celebrity supporters include Sir Paul McCartney, Twiggy, actors Joanna Lumley, Martin Shaw, Jerome Flynn, and Jenny Seagrove , TV presenters Jasmine Harman and Fearne Cotton and singers Ms Dynamite and Bryan Adams.
Through popular campaigns and solid research we have brought the consequences of modern farming into people's living rooms. We have enlightened millions and changed  the diets of many.

Vegan Booze?

For delicious, quality animal-free wines, beer, cider, spirits and soft drinks, look no further!
If you just want to check if any of your existing lines are vegan go to
Many wine suppliers, including Majestic and most of the major supermarkets  have lists of vegan alcohol 

Fruity Fundays

Our juicy campaign encourages people to increase their intake of health and vitalityenhancing veggie foods.Become an accredited Fruity Fundays business! Email for further information.

Books for Life

Whether you want more recipe ideas, health or nutritional info, you’ll find it at

Vegan Recipe Club

A fantastic, FREE resource – with the largest collection of vegan/veggie recipes and much more.


Put your questions to us on 0117 944 1000 (Mon-Fri 9-5) or and we’ll do our best to help.

Advice and in-house training







Our catering-savvy staff can also offer visits to your business at a reasonable cost (depending on distance). Please contact us regarding rates.

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