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Veganise it - easy ways to tweak your menu

There is a wide range of alternatives tto help you veganise menu favourites. Then there's cooking from scratch of course! It all depends what your business and your customers want.

Bangers & Mash: use vegan sausages as above; replace butter with vegan margarine in the mash. Gravy: use our home-made recipe or just use plain Bisto granules!
BLT: make a VLT by using Redwoods rashers or fried smoked tofu or fried tempeh + vegan mayo/brown sauce and lettuce & tomato
Breakfast - Full British: use vegan sausages and vegan rashers, make sure the hash browns are vegan (McCains are suitable). Include the usual baked beans, fried bread, mushrooms, and tomatoes (fried in oil of course and in a separate pan) – all you need to do is ditch the egg!






Burgers: Fry's, Vegetarian Choice, RealEat or VBites for ready-mades. Or make home-made beanburgers. Use vegan mayo or just relish. Check bread and rolls are animal-free (Hovis is good) and use vegan margarine such as Pure or Vitalite.
Chicken Curry: replace meat with TVP chunks or other meat alternatives and make sure any curry sauce you use is free from animal derivatives (whey, milk, cream etc).
Chilli: replace meat with veggie mince, frozen or dried. See our Classic Chilli It's good in Spag Bol, Shepherd's Pie, Lasagne too - or simply   replace with whole cooked lentils, eg green or puy





Coleslaw: make your own using vegan mayo thinned with unsweetened soya or almond milk.
Cream-based sauces - use dairy-free cream eg Alpro, Provamel or Oatly. Or home-made Cashew Cream
Desserts: sponges - replace eggs with flaxmeal or apple puree; use dairy-free creams, yoghurts, ice cream...
Think luxurious - see our Desserts and Cakes
Pancakes: sweet or savoury dishes. Use our simple recipe
Pesto-based dishes: Make our recipe OR buy Meridian, Zest, Seggiano or other vegan brands 


Pies: use Jus Rol or Saxby’s shortcrust or puff pastry – available everywhere in wholesale and retail packs.
Or buy in Clive's or Fry's vegan pies
Pizza: use a melting vegan cheese such as Violife Pizza Cheese or Cheezly. Ensure the pizza dough contains no egg or milk by-products
Risotto: use half and half olive oil and vegan margarine such as Pure or Vitalite. Use strong vegan stock. Omit parmesan or offer it separately for those who eat it.
◗  Roast dinners: nut roasts OR baked vegetables with herb and spiced-flavoured fillings OR pastry-based meals (eg Mushroom Wellington) ...the possibilities are endless.
Roast vegetables: tart them up with interesting sauces, grain or pulse-based extras. Pancakes: savoury or sweet. See page 21 for our excellent basic batter recipe.
Soup: use vegan stock powder or cubes and omit meat, fish, egg or dairy. See Soups for recipes. Use soya or oat cream instead of dairy cream where a recipe requires it




Please note – Quorn products are not currently suitable for vegans, or the lactose/egg intolerant. However, a vegan range is coming soon.