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The list below is not comprehensive and doesn't cover 'from scratch' ingredients like pure wholegrains, pulses, vegetables etc. However, it is a good introduction to other options from wholesalers and retailers. It's also worth noting that smaller food companies, eg Fry's, are often tastier than the more mainstream ones.


Finally, the range of vegan products produced by mainstream food companies grows daily - eg Linda McCartney's range contains far more vegan products than even a couple of years ago and Quorn has also produced a vegan range and has plans to do more. 

For regularly updated lists and reviews of many vegan products - mainstream and specialist retailers - see My Vegan Supermarket














NOTE. Manufacturers sometimes change ingredients so that a product can be 'de-veganised'! Always check labels.






  • Bread: Hovis, Warburton and Co-op range mostly vegan – check the labels. Check other manufacturers/bakeries. See box about allergens also

  • Cheese, vegan hard: Violife; Veganic; V-Bites Cheezly; Tesco; Sheese

  • Cheese, cream: Cream cheese, vegan: Tofutti plain and flavoured; Sheese; Tesco Free From, Violife, Sainsbury's

  • Chocolate

  • Dark/plain: Divine;Lidl Dark Fair Trade;Montezuma; Organica; Plamil - all range; Sainsbury Dark Belgian Cooking Chocolate; Waitrose organic Fair Trade Swiss dark chocolate

  • Milk (dairy-free milk): Free From (buttons and small bars, milk and white varieties); Moo Free, all range; Ombars Cocomulk; Plamil; Vego; Zotter et

  • Cream, soya or oat: Alpro, Provamel, Oatly. Soyatoo (soya, rice or coconut whipping)

  • Curry pastes, Indian: Patak’s: Balti; Bhuna; Biriyani; Jalfrezi; Mild; Korma; Rogan Josh; Tikka and Tikka Masala; Kashmiri Masala; Madras; Extra Hot; Vindaloo Curry pastes, Thai: Thai Taste; Tesco own brand; Asda own brand

  • Margarine: Pure; Vitalite; Suma; Biona; Vitaquell; M&S Sunflower; Tesco Free From - and some catering packs from 3663

  • Mayonnaise: Plamil; Mayola, Tiger Tiger, Solesse

  • Meat alternatives, eg mince, rashers, wok strips; 'chicken' or 'beef' pieces; VBites; Fry's; Linda McCartney; Vegetarian Choice (all vegan burgers, sausages etc); Veggie World (some vegan, some only veggie); Suma; Essential; Green City; 3663 - also known as (this huge wholesaler also stocks Fry's and Vegetarian Choice's range, amongst others, and offers a vegan product list

  • Meat, deli slices: Bute Island; V-Bites; Vegusto

  • Meat alternatives, wheat-based (called seitan or gluten): Companion (and other brands, all tinned, found in Oriental supermarkets, eg mock duck, mock chicken); Granose; Lima; Marigold; Yakso; Veggie World

  • Milk alternatives: too many to list. Sold fresh or longlife, sweetened and unsweetened. The most popular are soya and almond. Other types include hazelnut, hemp, oat, rice, quinoa

  • Soya sauce (good quality shoyu or tamari): Kikoman; Sanchi; Clearspring: Essential; Suma

  • Stock, bouillon and cubes: Green Oxo;Marigold red or purple tub vegan (and gf): Kallo Vegetable - many vegetable stocks are OK but check no added lactose, whey etc has been added

  • Tofu, plain firm: Cauldron, Dragonfly; Pulmone (Oriental stores); Unicurd (Oriental stores); unbranded (Oriental stores); Tofoo and more

  • Tofu, silken: Morinu; Blue Dragon, Taifun, Clearspring, Unicurd and unbranded from Oriental stores

  • Tofu, flavoured: Taifun smoked, rosso, basil; Cauldron marinated pieces and other brands

  • Tempeh: Impulse (blocks and rashers); VBites (rashers)

  • Yeast flakes, nutritional: Engevita (not to be confused with brewer's yeast)

  • Yoghurt, soya or coconut milk-based: Sojade, Alpro, Provamel; CoYo (plain and flavoured); Sainsbury's; Tesco