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A nice cuppa - dairy-free milks in hot drinks










Expand your selection of hot drinks by offering a plant milk - soya and/or almond milk are the most commonly used and some outlets offer both. Other businesses use oat (eg Oatly Barista), coconut or hemp milk. Whatever your choice, it's a simple way to cater for everyone.

Plant milks work well in tea, coffee, lattes, cappuccinos and milkshakes. 

Soya milk know-how

  • Soya milk does not curdle in tea

  • It doesn't curdle in coffee, lattes and cappuccinos using coffee machines – most big coffee chains use it, eg Costa, Starbucks, Coffee #1

  • Fresh soya milk is less likely to curdle than the longlife (UHT) variety. However, many businesses use Alpro Pro brand, which is longlife but made especially for coffee.

  • UK and European soya is ethically sourced (ie, it's not GM, nor grown in Rainforest areas - most of this is fed to animals reared for meat!)


How to avoid soya milk curdling in instant and filter coffee:

  1. Pour soya milk into the cup first – warm it if using fresh coffee but don't boil.

  2. If using filter coffee, add it now and stir vigorously. 

  3. If using instant coffee, pour in the hot water (not boiling). Add the granules LAST. Stir vigorously as you do so.