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One step at a time: easy ways to make your business more vegan-friendly

You don't need to do everything at once!


Look at your menu and choose one or two things you can adapt easily. This will depend on your business, of course! Then review regularly. 




  • one vegan sandwich (or two!)



  • vegan burgers



Other simple tweaks 

  • vegan mayo

  • vegan cheese for pizza

  • vegan margarine

  • soya or almond milk for hot drinks

  • one soup made with vegan stock

  • one hot dish: roast dinner; chilli; pasta; Mexican - etc

  • one vegan cake or muffin





Yellow Banana Daiquiri muffins courtesy of The Vegan Cakery




Are vegan options clearly labelled? Some of your existing vegetarian options may already be vegan so make sure you promote them as  such! 

◗ Use the latest FSA materials to help you with labelling - a simple code will do. Eg Vg for vegan, GF for gluten-free, NF for nut-free

Need some help? Contact or 0117 944 1000 and we'll do our best!

Remember to double check. For example, fish or seafood is not vegetarian. Cheese from the milk of cows, goats or sheep isn’t vegan, neither is lactose, albumen...

Veganise it! Look at what you cook at present and see if you can make any of it vegan. Click on this link for suggestions. Or contact us for ideas and advice

Booze.  Lots of it is but not all. So use a site like Barnivore to check first. Mark vegan booze on your menu. Just one vegan beer and one vegan wine would make a great difference and many bottled beers are already vegan, so are many wines. There are many suppliers doing this, including Bidfoods, Majestic, Tesco and more.  

Promote yourself - tell the world that you're offering more inclusive menus! Add new menu options to your website and social media pages. Let local veggie and vegan groups know, let national groups and websites know, eg Trip Advisor, Happy Cow, Vegan London, Vegan Bristol, Vegan Cornwall, Eat Out Vegan Wales - just about every town, city or region in the UK and abroad have vegan and veggie eat-out sites.

Review your menu regularly. Ask your customers what they would like. Trial new recipes and products regularly. 

Staff know-how

A little staff training goes a long way. That way your team will 

  • be fully informed about which options on your menu are suitable for vegans or veggies

  • understand the reasons why vegans or vegetarians choose their lifestyle. This will help them be more sympathetic and engaged with these valuable customers



◗ avoiding or reducing animal cruelty
◗ saving the environment
◗ protecting their health
◗ feeding the world

See and for more information on all these points