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Music Videos entry

The V Factor Winners!

For our 20th anniversary we wanted everybody to have fun! To help them on their way, we ran a video competition to sing and shout (and maybe dance) about being vegetarian or vegan. And we have our fantastic winners!

18 and overs winner

The 18 and over winner is Georgia Burrows of Shirley, Southampton who parodied Royals by Lorde. Viva!’s director, Juliet Gellatley said: “Georgia’s video blew me away. It is so imaginative, fast moving, powerful, clever and cute! It’s full of inventive ideas -  we loved the red, green and orange pepper traffic lights, the ‘CHOICE’ emerging from an egg, the ruler, “V” made out of animals (helped by Georgia’s five year old), the poignant animal images, Georgia’s look  and, of course, choice of song and clever change of lyrics.” Fellow judge, Tony Wardle said: “This is our 20th anniversary anthem! Brilliant!” Georgia, or Queen V (see the video!), is delighted to win! “I thought making the film was a great way to honour Viva!’s 20th anniversary, it took ages but was fun and I am  thrilled to win!”

Georgia said: “This looked like a fun competition to do and I decided to make the video to encourage people to think about the food choices they make and what the animals go through before they end up on their plates. It's so easy to be a vegetarian these days and there is so much more awareness about animal welfare that people can simply choose a healthier and more humane approach to food.  

“I wanted to pick a song that was current, catchy and easily recognised and Lorde's Royals is a cool tune; the new lyrics just seemed to fit and it was fun making the video - 5 year old Alfie helped make the animations with his toy animals and puzzle pieces. (He said the other day that he’ll be veggie forever!). We hope that it might help spread the word about Viva!'s important campaigning work on their 20th Anniversary and more people will Go Veggie as a result!”



Under 18s winner

The under 18s category winner is three year old James. His mum Deborah Littleton of Maryport, Cumbria says: “James and I were surprised and delighted to hear that his song had won. James is a big fan of the Beatles and so naturally we chose one of their songs. James loves animals - we have a rescue dog, cat and rabbit.

“I’ve been vegetarian for over 30 years and James was born 11ib 1oz – a good example of a healthy and strong vegetarian child.”