Veronika Powell, Campaigner | Viva!

Veronika Powell, Campaigner

What I do

I’ve been at Viva! since 2010, working on all health and nutrition related issues – research and writing, nutrition advice, you name it! I also work on Viva!’s dairy (or rather anti-dairy!) campaign called White Lies, and I wrote the Dark Side of Dairy report. For Viva!Health I researched and wrote materials on the impact of diet on diabetes (the Big D: Defeating Diabetes) and osteoporosis (Break Free), and I keep Viva!Health up to date on soya. My job is quite a diverse mixture and apart from campaigning work and research, includes social media, web editing, public speaking, liaising with media, talking to supporters, following latest diet trends, etc.

Working at Viva!

Working at Viva! is much more than just a job – we’re all friends, working together to achieve changes that’ll reduce the amount of suffering humans cause to animals and the environment and we all know every single life spared matters.

I went vegan because…

I’ve been a vegan for 10 years and I was vegetarian for years before then. It’s been a learning curve and I’m more than happy to help people who’ve started the same journey. The best thing about a vegan lifestyle is that it’s not just an ethical way of living but it’s also really good for your health! Why wouldn’t you want to live like that?

My favourite vegetable…

My favourite vegetable – that’s a tough one, I like most of them! But I usually end up at the shop counter with carrots and cucumbers, feeling embarrassed at the cashier’s remarks about my choice...