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Vegan Comedians

Carl Donnelly

The guilt of eating and wearing animal products was no longer outweighed by the ease of doing so. I was living with a co...
Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres

You ask people why they have deer heads on the wall. They always say, because it's such a beautiful animal. There y...

John Bishop

The cow was hanging up looking at me as if to say ‘you did this’”
Romesh Ranganathan

Romesh Ranganathan

I have compassion"

Russell Brand

I don’t see why something's life should end just so you can have a snack.”

Sarah Pascoe

Every time you purchase a vegan product or eat in a more ethical way, you are voting with your money and creating a mark...

Sean Hughes

As far as I’m concerned (and I know it’s a little extreme), if you eat fish and you say you’re a vegetarian you’ve got t...

Spike Milligan

If a robin redbreast in a cage, Puts all heaven in a rage, How feels heaven when, Dies the millionth battery hen?...

Steve-O (Jackass)

I'm simply happier as a result of practicing more compassion in my lifestyle."