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A wow of a hit

AMAZING MEDIA COVERAGE, 3,325 people taking the January vegan challenge and millions of others reading positive things about veganism for the first time ever. Result!

Veganuary founder, Matthew Glover, working with Viva!, was excited by the success, saying: “We’ve been overwhelmed by the positive response and media coverage. Veganism has entered the mainstream!” Veganuary made headlines in the Guardian, Independent, Daily Mail, Times, BBC online and MSN.

Why did they do it?
Participants were asked why they were taking the Veganuary challenge and said

  • animal cruelty – 78 per cent
  • health reasons – 42 per cent
  • environment – 25 per cent
  • to try new foods – 14 per cent

Who did it?
Women, predominantly. Ninety per cent were female with most in the 18 to 30 age range but over 55s weren’t far behind. Next year, the focus will be on the ‘meat is macho’ stereotype. So, men, get yourselves ready for
the vegan challenge.

Encouragingly, almost 40 per cent of participants were omnivores and 10 per cent fish eaters. Those who were vegan before the challenge said they were doing it to support others and try new recipes.

Social Media
The Facebook support group was widely popular. Emma Spradbury said: “I really enjoyed the Veganuary site and support from followers. I’m now much better able to counter negative comments about veganism.” Its huge popularity will ensure the site stays open all year veganuary. Go on, join today – it’s packed with great advice on nutrition, recipes, shopping and all things vegan!

The results are in!
And what results! Our survey says that 95 per cent maintained a vegan diet for the entire month (with just the occasional slip). Just as encouraging, half of those people intend to stay vegan! One of them is Rachel Woods: 

“My husband and I set out on this adventure to see whether omitting dairy and eggs from our diets would help his asthma. His symptoms have improved vastly. We’ve a greater appreciation of the  variety of vegan foods available and realised we can survive without dairy or eggs! As a vegetarian, it has opened my eyes to the suffering of the animals that supply my milk, cheese and eggs. That’s why I’m staying vegan.”

More to Come
“The 2015 campaign is going to be huge,” says Matthew. “The target is 100,000 participants with a global campaign. We will improve the website with a vegan product directory, more recipes, eating out guides and nutrition information.” 

The Stars Come Out 
Special appreciation goes to everyone at Viva! for their fantastic support – Jane Easton for providing recipes and Juliet Gellatley, who supplied information for the site, gave media interviews and talked at length to journalists who tried going vegan.

Juliet says: “Veganuary is all positive. It helps people to save animals, the planet and to discover a new world of food! 

Veganuary is also about reducing heart attacks, strokes, some cancers, diabetes and obesity. It’s the way forward for animals, people, the world!” Juliet helped Laura Burnip (Hertfordshire Mercury), who was a ‘raving carnivore’: “I can’t believe it”, she said, “I think I’ve accidentally become vegan! Eating mostly fruit
and vegetables has changed my taste in food, I’ve shifted a few pounds and feel lighter and healthier… I’m glad I did itThis year’s success could not have been achieved without Karin Ridgers (Veggie Vision) and Damien and James (Social Chic Agency). Thanks also to the creative geniuses at the design agency, Motionlab.