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Supermarket Top Favourites and Quick Fix Meal Ideas

Here are our top vegan items from each supermarket – obviously they sell many more animal-free products and you are bound to find products that you think are better - we can't keep up these days, so much great vegan food out there! So tell us if you've found something good and we'll do our best. We’ve also given you quick meal ideas for each supermarket.
Products change frequently so always check the company's vegan list and/or product packaging first!




Aldi Top Favourites 
Click here for the much bigger
Aldi Vegan page with link to vegan list 
Aldi were late to the game with a vegan list but it's very welcome nonetheless! Their prices are low, products usually very good quality and they have a surprising amount of products that are SFV (suitable for vegans)  including  wine and other booze. Most of their bread products are vegan too, including white and wholemeal pittas and more. There is a small organic range in the fresh produce section too - so far only bananas, potatoes and carrots - but  it's a start. The top favourites list below isn't comprehensive but it does list some of our personal favourites! Check out their list for lots more items and to ensure no-one has done a sneaky deveganising of anything. 

1. Antipasti: sundried tomatoes; artichokes; roasted peppers - great value compared to most other supermarkets and very good quality
2. Olives: most are vegan (apart from the obvious with anchovies and the like!) and also good value and quality, especially the jars
3. Pastry: ready-rolled shortcrust and puff
4. Nut Cutlets (freezer)
5. Vegetable Quarter Pounders (freezer)
6. Spicy Vegetable Quarter Pounders (freezer)
7. Italienne Pasta (salad section)
8. Orzo & Slow-roasted Tomato (salad section)
9. Frozen berries: raspberries, blueberries and some mixed selections. Very good quality and value

10. Potato wedges
11. Tortilla chips: Essentials; Lightly Salted; Chilli
12. Hummus: regular; red pepper; caramelised onion; mini stacks
13. Noodles: ready to wok; ready to wok flavoured wholegrain; Singapore soft
14. Wraps: Both in One; Plain Tortilla; Garlic Tortilla
15. Popcorn: salted microwave
16. Flapjacks: original and fruit (bakery)
17. Oil: rapeseed and olive oil are very good quality and value
18.Specially Selected Maple Syrup
19. Golden Milled Linseed (flax seed) great straight onto food eg soup, breakfast cereal for an omega boost - or used as an egg replacer in baking
20. Apricot Conserve (though most of their other jams and marmalades are suitable and taste good too)

Aldi Quick Fix Meal 1 - Chinese-style. 10 minutes
Ready to wok noodles, wholemeal, served with frozen peas, Mixed Pepper Stir-fry pack, fresh beansprouts and soya sauce or a stir-fry sauce eg Sweet Chilli Stir Fry Sauce or Chinese Style Stir Fry Sauce

Aldi Quick Fix Meal 2 - Buddha Bowl Super Salad. 10-15 minutes
Mixed leaf salad; grated carrot; thinly sliced peppers or other veggies of choice, eg raw mangetout, fresh beansprouts, avocado; Roasted Vegetable Couscous (can be soaking while you assemble the rest of the dish); tinned Chickpeas, rinsed and drained, Hummus, any flavour; Anti-pasti in jars (eg Artichokes; Grilled Peppers or Sun Dried Tomatoes).Drizzled with Balsamic or Sweet Chilli dressing plus Mixed Nuts or Cashews sprinkled on the top




Asda Top Favourites T: 0800 952 6060
The company has a vegan search list on its website as well as labelling some own-brand products. However, their decision on some items is somewhat confusing (we've contacted them for clarification but not heard back). So as ever, read labels and keep asking customer services politely. Write to the CEO also if you have the time! The more they get cheery and positive requests and suggestions the more they'll realise there's a big market for them. 

On a positive note, Asda has been upping its game in terms of ranges of products - they were one of the first chains to stock Violife for starters. 

1. Violife Cheese, block and slices
2. Asda ASDA Chosen By You Antipasti Falafel
3. Amy's Gluten-free Noodles & Veg in Cashew Sauce
4. Red's Kansas City BBQ Sauce
5. ASDA Chosen by You Edamame Bean Salad
6. Swedish Glace Vanilla (icecream)
7. Linda McCartney: Sausage Rolls; Sausages (regular); Sausages Red Onion & Rosemary; Country Pie; Mushroom & Ale Pie; Veggie Mince
8. ASDA Good & Balanced Mixed Grain Salad
9. ASDA Good & Balanced Sweety Drop Pepper Cous Cous Salad
10. Asda hummus range (most)
11. ASDA Chosen by You 4 Vegetable Spring Rolls
12. ASDA Mushroom Rice (Indian style)
13. ASDA Saag Aloo
14. ASDA Bombay Potatoes
15. ASDA Hearty Vegetable Soup; ASDA Chunky Minestrone Soup and others - check the labels!
16. ASDA Gluten & Dairy Free Chocolate Bar
18. Fabulous Fudge Factory Dairy Free Chocolate Covered Raisins
19. Tofu
• Plain – Cauldron Firm
• Pieces, Marinated – Cauldron
• Silken – Mori-nu
20. Canti Prosecco sparkling wine - some other Asda own-brand wines are vegan but check the website or the bottle 

Asda Quick Fix Meal 1. Indian-style. 7-10 minutes
ASDA Mushroom Rice (Indian style), ASDA Saag Aloo and ASDA Bombay Potatoes - heated up according to the packet directions. Serve with a big avocado & mango salad on the side.

Asda Quick Fix Meal 2. Italian-style. 10-15 minutes
Asda Rigatoni pasta – cook enough for your meal. Meanwhile, fry half a red onion with crushed garlic – cook for 2-3 minutes, add ½-1 pack of Asda Mixed Pepper Stir-Fry or similar. Stir in about 200g of frozen peas or tinned lentils  and sauté everything for another 2-3 minutes. Finally, stir in a pasta sauce such as ASDA Chosen by You Bolognese Pasta Sauce or Loyd Grossman Tomato & Basil. Drain the pasta, mix it into the sauce and serve hot. Grate Violife vegan cheese on the top - stick it under the grill if you wish.

Asda Quick Fix Meal 3. Middle Eastern style. 5 minutes
Asda Vegetarian Falafels – warmed through for a minute or two in the microwave. Toast some pitta bread. Serve the falafels and pitta with Asda Hummus  and Asda Edamame Bean Salad – plus instant tomato salad: slice up a tomato, chop a few leaves of fresh basil and sprinkle on top. Add a drizzle of olive oil and salt.




Co-op Top Favourites T: 0800 0686 727 

The Co-op’s own-brand labelling system makes vegan shopping easier. As well as food, their own-brand booze includes many vegan-friendly wines, beers and ciders and they also do a small, cheap cruelty-free range of toiletries and cleaning products. They used to send a vegan list if you contacted them (we're trying to find out from them what the new system might be). However, their range of vegan products overall is more limited than the other major supermarkets, partly because they tend to have smaller branches. It may also vary according to location. Eg of two in my area, one sells two types of tofu whereas the other one doesn't seem to. 

1. Co-op Onion Bhajis
2. Co-op Takeaway Bombay Potatoes
3. Co-op Takeaway Pilau Rice
4. Co-op Indian snacks
5. Co-op Hummus (not Moroccan)
6. Co-op Frozen Onion Rings
7. Co-op Doughnuts: Jam; Custard. 8/7/16. On the official vegan list sent to me by Co-op customer services. Result. 
8. Co-op Fruit Pies: Apple; Cherry
9. Co-op Frozen: Raspberries; Summer Fruits; Blueberries (not organic but a good price. Frozen berries are usually higher in vitamins and also half the price than the little fresh boxes
10. Co-op Fresh Soups: Garden Vegetable Soup with Barley; Limited Edition Summer Vegetable Broth; Limited Edition Winter Root Vegetable & Lentil Soup; Pea & Mint Soup; Limited Edition Moroccan Spiced Chickpea Soup; Three Bean & Italian Tomato Soup; Tomato & Chilli Soup; Tomato & Lentil Soup - as with all such ranges, they sometimes delete items or deveganise old faves so just check the ingredients list.
11. Co-op Christmas Puddings: Rich Fruit Christmas Pudding; Truly Irresistible Christmas Pudding
12. Co-op Gravy Granules: Gravy Granules; Gravy Granules For Meat
13. Co-op Peruvian Dark Chocolate with Dried Sweetened Cranberries
14. Co-op Tinned Pulses – assorted
15. Co-op Chocolate Cake Mix – see Sweet Stuff/Cakes, pastries and baking section
16. Tofu: Cauldron Plain Firm; Cauldron Marinated Pieces
17. Margarine: Pure
18. Linda McCartney Country Pies, Sausages and Quarter Pounders
19. Thai Taste Thai curry pack
20. Innocent Veg or Noodle Pots – many are vegan but check the label
21. Lazy Days free-from brownies, shortbread etc. Selected branches. Find on the free-from shelves. Expensive but gorgeous
22. Co-opVegetable Masala with Pilau Rice 500g (Try adding some frozen peas or tinned lentils/beans to this or maybe Cauldron Marinated Tofu pieces for extra protein and bulk). It would also be good with plain vegan yoghurt, eg Alpro
23. Alpro yoghurts
24. Falafel Wrap (useful for a last-minute lunch)
25. Gluten & Dairy Free Chocolate Brownie Mix
26. Chocolate:  Free From Buttons; Free From White Buttons
27. Co-op Mexican-style Dinner Kits: Taco; Enchilada; Nachos (add vegan cheese alternative and replace sour cream with plain vegan yoghurt. A good stir-fry pack, tin of beans or lentils plus a jar of salsa and an avocado will do the rest!)

Co-op Quick Fix Meal 1. Italian-style. 10 minutes
Co-op Truly Irresistible Pennoni Rigate cooked and drained. Stir in Co-op Truly Irresistible Sun-Dried Tomato and Basil Pasta Sauce, tinned kidney beans and chopped olives. Serve with rocket salad and balsamic dressing.

Co-op Quick Fix Meal 2. Indian-style. 10-15 minutes
Starter: Co-op Onion Bhajis served with mango chutney – warm through in oven or microwave
Main: Microwave Co-op Takeaway Bombay Potatoes served with Co-op Takeaway Pilau Rice. Make a second curry by mixing 1 tin of chickpeas with a jar of Co-op Healthy Living Jalfrezi Cooking Sauce and a large handful of fresh baby spinach – cook for about 2-3 minutes on the stove. If desired, add steamed vegetables from the Co-op mixed vegetable pack.

Co-op Quick Fix Meal 3. Pie and Mash. 30 minutes
Pre-heat the oven. Prepare the potatoes and boil with a little salt. Bake Linda McCartney Country Pies in the oven. Prepare any vegetables you want – steam or microwave. Make Bisto or other vegan-friendly instant gravy. Drain the potatoes then mash with soya milk and Pure margarine or olive oil. Serve the pie, vegetables, mash and gravy hot.






Holland & Barrett Top Favourites T: 0870 606 6605 (this is for H&B’s mail order service – there is no central number for store queries. Alternatively, phone your local branch.)

Many H&B sell a good range of foods while some have ditched/reduced their frozen and/or chilled range, so phone ahead first. Those that do sell food have some really interesting new vegan products, eg Tofurky's range. 

1. Amy’s: Bean & Rice Burrito; Indian Vegetable Korma; Black Bean Enchilada
2. Fry’s: Hot dogs
3. Fry’s: Chunky Strips
4. Fry’s: Breaded Schnitzels
5. Fry’s: Sausages
6. Fry’s: Burgers – Chicken-style and Traditional
7. Fry’s: Chicken-style Nuggets
8. Fry’s: Poloni
9. Fry’s: Pies – Country Mushroom and Pepper Steak-style
10. Garden Lites: Courgette Portabello
11. Mama Cucina: Vegetable Pizza; Vegetable Quiches; Cheesecake
12. Real Eat: Chicken-style Pieces
13. V-BitesPizzas – Cheezly & Tomato; Meatless Feast. Porkstyle Sausage Rolls; Meatless Meatballs
14. Swedish Glace Ice Cream: assorted flavours
15. Vegetarian Choice: Lincolnshire Sausages
16. Alpro yoghurt: assorted flavours
17. V-Bites: Cheatin Slices, assorted, eg Chicken-style; V-Bites Cheezly: assorted flavours including Soya-Free; V-Bite Roasts, assorted
18. Holland & Barrett: Vegetarian Jumbo Sos Roll; H&B Porkless Pie
19. VegOut pastry slices: Steakless Bake; No Chorizo & Mexican Bean
20. Free & Easy: Dairy-free Cheese Flavour Mix
21. Tofurkey range - sausages, rashers etc. Quite a recent (and very popular) addition so check out their delivery days and get in there quick!
22. Vegan vitamins including different types of Vitamin B. Not all their range is vegan so read the packets. 
23. Vegan chocolate, confectionery, snack bars, muesli or granola bars and other snacks- there's a variety and not all their ranges are vegan of course so check the labels/ask the staff. 

H&B Quick Fix Meal 1. Vegan Caesar-style Salad. 10 minutes
Fry half a pack of Fry’s Chunky Strips. Mix a couple of tablespoons of Plamil or other vegan mayo with a little soya or rice milk to thin down. Add the strips and mayo to a large green salad and mix everything well. Top with croutons and toasted seeds. Serve with crusty bread.

H&B Quick Fix Meal 2. USA All-day Breakfast. 20 minutes
Cook Fry’s Hot Dogs in a little oil for a few minutes – and steam some broccoli or other vegetables of your choice. And perhaps some baked beans and toast! McCain’s Hash Browns are another American-style addition – not sold by H&B however. Serve everything hot with tomato ketchup on the side.

H&B Quick Fix Meal 3. Quiche-style. 30 minutes (mostly baking time)
Mama Cucina Quiche served with Garden Lites’ Courgette Portabello and steamed green veggies or a green salad.



Marks & Spencer Top Favourites T: 0845 609 0200

They provide a vegan list which is regularly updated via this page
M&S is great for lunches/snacks, not to mention being a motorway services oasis! Their mixed salads in particular are excellent, but watch for feta/yoghurt/honey in some dressings! Some (not many) of their vegetarian main meals are suitable for vegans and they also sell a lot of vegan-friendly booze, which is clearly labelled, result! As of this year they seem to be trying to improve their free-from and vegan range so keep looking - and asking customer services and in-store staff. 

1. M&S Cauliflower & Chickpea Curry
2. M&S Spiced Red Lentil Kofte with Tabbouleh
3. M&S Tuscan Bean, Pasta & Vegetable Stew
4. M&S Braised Vegetable Casserole with Mini Parsley Dumplings
5. M&S Ratatouille
6. M&S Valencia Vegetable Paella
7. M&S Meat Free Soya Mince
8. M&S Mediterranean Vegetable Pasta with Red Pepper Sauce
9. M&S Mexican Bean & Butternut Chilli Snackpot
10. M&S Smoothies: Passion Fruit; Super Berry
11. M&S Jellies: Raspberry; Mojito; Peach Melba; Fresh Fruit; Pina Colada; Pomegranate & Elderflower; 3 Mini Retro Jellies (multipack)
12. M&S Margarine: Sunflower Spread; Sunflower Spread Light Dairy-free
13. M&S Salads: Asian Slaw & Mango Rice Salad with Edamame Bean Dip; Orzo Pasta Dual Tray; Orzo Pasta with Slow Roasted Tomatoes; Cous Cous with Roasted Butternut Squash; Superwholefood Shaker Salad
14. M&S Large Deli Salads: Roasted Vegetable Cous Cous; Rice Lentil & Aubergine; Edamame Bean
15. M&S Hummus, assorted flavours; Reduced-fat with Carrot Batons (one portion)
16. M&S Fresh soups: Tomato & Basil; Super Green; Summer Minestrone; Super Beetroot
17. M&S Wraps: Red Pepper Hummus Wrap; Sweet Chilli Vegetable Sushi Wrap
18. M&S Lemon Sorbet (freezer)
19. M&S Vegetable Spring Rolls; Oriental Vegetable Selection (freezer)
20. M&S Green Thai Curry Cooking Sauce
21. M&S Made Without Dairy Chocolate Disc Selection
22. M&S Turkish Delight
23. M&S American Hard Gums (unusual as these are usually made with gelatine so do check out - and confirm by a bit of label reading. Suspicious, moi?)
24. Other sweets and chocolate - quite a range including fizzy cola bottles! Some of their vegetarian sweets use beeswax, some gelatine so aren't vegan or veggie at all - but quite a few are on the vegan list. See above
25. M&S Spiced Vegetable & Lentil Haggis - not tried this but I love vegan haggis and reckon it would work with piles of veg, spuds and gravy! 
26. Bubble & Squeak Cakes
27. Festive Parsnip And Mulled Red Onion Roast
28.  Portobello Mushroom & Red Onion Roast
29. Vegetarian Roasted Butternut Squash & Red Onion Tagine With Cous Cous

M&S Quick Fix Meal 1. Gourmet Salad Platter. 5 minutes
M&S Large Deli Salad – Roasted Vegetable Cous Cous plus M&S Large Deli Salad – Edamame Bean. Serve with M&S Super Green Bowl Salad plus M&S Chilli & Coriander Dressing. M&S Peach Melba Jelly Dessert (sold in a pot) for pudding!

M&S Quick Fix Meal 2. Winter Warmer. 20 minutes
M&S Braised Vegetable Casserole with Mini Parsley Dumplings, served with oven-baked M&S Maris Piper Onion Rosti and one of their prepared green vegetable selection, steamed or microwaved.

M&S Quick Fix Meal 3. Mediterranean-style. 10 minutes
M&S Ratatouille with added chickpeas or kidney beans. Serve with M&S Cous Cous with Roasted Butternut Squash plus steamed/microwaved spinach or broccoli.




Morrisons Top Favourites T: 0845 611 6111
They have a vegan search facility  Alternatively, just go to the website and put 'vegan' in the search box. Once again, check for non-vegan items and - you know!

1. Morrisons Antipasti range in jars: Roasted Red Peppers; Mixed Chilli Peppers; Chargrilled Artichokes; Chargrilled Aubergines; Sun-dried Tomatoes; Mixed Mushrooms; Olives – assorted; Sliced Jalapeno Chillies
2. Seeds of Change Quinoa & Wholegrain Rice
3. Morrisons Pulses, good range of tinned, eg Black-eyed Peas; Borlotti Beans; Chickpeas; Whole Lentils – plus Mixed (unflavoured) Beans: Indian Salad mix; Oriental Salad mix; Mexican Salad mix. Also Curried
4. Morrisons chilled snacks: Mini Indian Selection; Vegetable Samosas; Vegetable Spring Rolls
5. Morrisons chilled Dahl & Roasted Vegetables
6. Morrisons frozen: Butternut Squash & Nut Roasts; Vegetable & Tomato Bakes
7. Morrisons Meat Free: Veggie Mince; Sausages; Quarter Pounders
8. Morrisons Wholefood Salads: Giant Couscous & Chinese Edamame; Roasted Beetroot, Bulgur & Braeburn Apple
9. Morrisons Pastry, fresh and frozen: Puff or Shortcrust
10. Morrisons Savers biscuits: Bourbon; Digestives; Ginger; Fruit Shortbread; Rich Tea
11. Morrisons breakfast cereals: Wholewheat Muesli; Cranberry Wheats; Blueberry Wheats; Savers Bran Flakes
12. Morrisons Finely Chopped Tomatoes in cartons: Chilli; Herb; Olive Oil; Roasted Garlic & Onion; Plain
13. Linda McCartney Sausages; Country Pies; Quarter Pounders
14. Tofu: Cauldron Plain Firm; Falafels
15. Margarine: Pure and Vitalite
16. Swedish Glace ice cream, vanilla
17. Alpro Soya Desserts, assorted flavours; Alpro custard
18. Discovery: Fajita kit; Enchilada kit. Others items in the Discovery range are vegan but check labels or website.
19. Loyd Grossman: Balti Sauce (many of the Italian range too but check labels)
20. Seeds of Change: Organic Classic Bolognese; Organic Tomato & Basil
21. 4U Choc Ices (Free From Chocolate Iced Dessert...)
22. Quorn Vegan Chicken Pieces; 
23. Great Food range - some inventive products, not only falafels but items like Broad Bean & Quinoa Bites; Lentil & Coconut Bites and more
24. Meridian's sauce and other ranges
25. Morrison's Breaded Garlic Mushrooms; Hash Browns; Wedges etc
26. Fry's range - most of it! Eg Chicken-style pieces; Schnitzels; Pies; Sausages; Burgers etc
27. Sweet stuff! Eg Fabulous Free From Factory range - fudge etc; Goody Good stuff range; Morrison's Fizzy Fangs and Strawberry Straws; Lazy Days range; Morrison's Mini Gingerbread Men
28. Georgia's Choice Gluten Free Mexican Bean Bake

Morrisons Quick Fix Meal 1. Italian Antipasti Salad Platter. 10 minutes
One bowl of Morrisons Mixed Leaf Salad with added cherry tomatoes, grated carrot and cucumber. One bowl of microwaved Morrisons Wholefoods Ready to Eat Quinoa mixed in with Morrisons Wholefoods Ready to Eat Puy Lentils. Top with a handful each of Morrisons Chargrilled Artichokes and Morrisons Chargrilled Aubergines – or roasted red peppers and olives. Serve with wholemeal pitta and a little hummus if desired.

Morrisons Quick Fix Meal 2. Roast Dinner. 20-30 minutes
Morrisons Butternut Squash & Nut Roasts; serve with homecooked mashed potatoes; steamed broccoli or other veg*; Bisto (red tub) gravy.
*Many microwaveable ready-to-eat veg contain butter, cream or other non-vegan ingredients. Alternatively, bake frozen roast potatoes according to packet instructions.

Morrisons Quick Fix Meal 3. Mexican-style. 15-20 minutes
Discovery Enchilada Kit. Gently fry half a pack of Morrisons Stirfry Mix with peppers. Add 100g/generous 3oz of Morrisons Veggie Mince or Morrisons Chicken-style Pieces plus half a tin of kidney or pinto beans and cook for a few minutes along with the packet of spices from the kit, stirring occasionally. Add the sauce from the kit and mix everything well. Let it cook for about 5 minutes on a low heat, stirring occasionally. Meanwhile, steam lots of green veggies – broccoli, cabbage etc – or else make a green leaf and avocado salad. Warm through the corn tortillas in the enchilada kit and serve with the rest of the meal.


Sainsbury’s Top Favourites T: 0800 636 262
They have a vegan list which is updateed regularly.
Sainsbury’s has a good range of vegan foods and is increasingly labelling its own brands (though some aren't labelled vegan because of the allergen confusion, see this helpful link). Many of their own-brand wines are labelled vegan also.

1. Sainsbury’s Butternut Squash & Moroccan-style Cous Cous
2. Sainsbury’s Indian Baby Corn & Pepper Masala
3. Sainsbury’s Channa Masala
4. Sainsbury’s Indian Vegetable Jalfrezi
5. Sainsbury’s Mini Onion Bhajis
6. Sainsbury’s Vegetable & Bean Chilli
7. Sainsbury’s Red Tomato Rice
8. Sainsbury’s Mixed Olive Antipasti
9. Sainsbury’s Free-from Spread (margarine)
10. Sainsbury’s Thin & Crispy Pizza Bases; Italian Pizza Bases – and Sainsbury’s Pizza Sauce Topping
11. Sainsbury’s Salad Pots including: Beetroot; Tomato & Basil Pasta; Jewelled Cous Cous; Carrot & Poppy Seed; Four Bean; Roasted Vegetable Couscous; Chargrilled Vegetable Pasta;
Tomato & Jalapeño Pepper Pasta; Bulghur Wheat & Carrot
12. Sainsbury’s Salad Dressings: Organic French Dressing; French Dressing; Be Good To Yourself Vinaigrette (low-fat);
Balsamic; Mango, Lime & Chilli
13. Sainsbury’s Meat-free: Nut Cutlets; Spicy Bean Quarter Pounders; Basics Vegetable Sausages; Meat-free Sausage Rolls; Meat-free Sausages; Moroccan-style Burgers; Vegetable Quarter Pounders
14. Sainsbury’s Instant Noodle or Pasta Pots: Chicken Noodles; Vegetable Flavour; Chicken Curry Flavour; Instant Noodles Chicken Flavour; Basics Chicken Curry Flavour; Basics Pasta Shells in a Tomato & Onion Sauce Mix
15. Sainsbury’s Cranberry, Orange & Port Sauce
16. Sainsbury’s Dips: Be Good To Yourself Reduced-fat Guacamole; Chunky Salsa Dip; SO Organic Houmous; Be Good To Yourself Reduced-fat Mini Houmous Snack Pots and regular tub; Caramelised Onion Houmous; Basic Houmous; Piri Piri Houmous; Sweet Harissa Houmous; Topped Supreme
Houmous; Topped Cannellini Bean Houmous; Roasted Carrot & Coriander Houmous; Pea & Mint Houmous
17. Sainsbury’s Pastry: Puff Pastry Block 500 gram; Puff Pastry Ready Rolled; Lighter Shortcrust Pastry Ready Rolled; Shortcrust Pastry Ready Rolled; Filo
18. Sainsbury’s Biscuits: Oaty; Digestives; Be Good To Yourself Reduced-fat Ginger Snaps; Cranberry Oaty Mini; Chocolate Oaty Mini; Basics Ginger Snaps; Ginger Snaps; Morning Coffee
19. Sainsbury’s Jelly Desserts: Mandarin; Raspberry
20. Sainsbury’s Belgian Cooking Chocolate, Plain – good value and at 50% cocoa solids nice enough to eat on its own!
21. Sainsbury's Catalan Bean Casserole - a lovely little ping meal, full of flavour. This would be good with potato wedges or mash or rice or... plus lots of salad and/or lightly steamed greens

Sainsbury’s Quick Fix Meal 1. Pizza with Houmous or Vegan Cheese. 10 minutes
Pre-heat oven according to pizza base packet instructions. Spread Sainsbury’s Pizza Sauce on a Sainsbury’s Thin & Crispy Pizza Base OR Italian Pizza Base. Add sliced mushrooms plus Sainsbury’s Pitted Natural Black Olives and Sainsbury’s Chargrilled Red Peppers. Dot some Sainsbury’s Houmous over the vegetables (regular or cannellini bean flavour).* Bake in the oven for 10 minutes or until the base is properly cooked. Serve with Sainsbury’s Italian-style Salad mixed with Sainsbury’s Watercress.
*Alternatively, grate melting vegan cheese such as V-Bites Cheezly Melting Mozzarella – not available from Sainsbury’s at time of writing.

Sainsbury’s Quick Fix Meal 2. Thai-style. 15 minutes
Put rice on to cook according to packet instructions. Dry white rice takes 11 minutes, brown 25-30. (If using another type, eg Sainsbury’s ready-cooked rice pouches, check packet instructions.) Meanwhile, sauté a pack of Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Aromatic Stir-fry Vegetables. Mix in Thai Taste Green Curry Meal Kit (includes coconut milk). Simmer gently until the vegetables are just tender. Mix in a pack of Cauldron Marinated Tofu Pieces and serve the curry with the cooked, drained rice.

Sainsbury’s Quick Fix Meal 3. Chinese-style. 7-10 minutes
Cook Sainsbury’s Rice Noodles (fresh) according to packet instructions. Meanwhile, lightly fry a pack of Sainsbury’s Basics Stir-fry Vegetables. Stir in
Sainsbury’s Hoisin & Garlic Stir-fry Sauce and a pack of Cauldron Marinated Tofu Pieces and/or a few handfuls of frozen peas.



Tesco Top Favourites T: 08457 22 55 33
Tesco has a vegan list which is updated regularly However, they've recently changed the system so instead of accessing it from that Realfoods site link, you have to contact customer services by phone or email for a copy. No idea why and we've been trying hard to get this changed back (it would save the poor CS team loads of time too!). There is a 'vegan' search facility on their website but it lists under 170 items and they definitely sell far more! Let's hope they're regrouping and all this is part of a wonderful new upgrade. 

On a more positive note, Tesco sells a substantial free-from and meat-free range, some of which is suitable for vegans. Its free-from dairy range includes soft and hard vegan cheese and yoghurt. Some of its ethnic chilled meals used to be vegan-friendly but recent lists saw their demise. Using ready-prepped vegetables and a vegan-friendly ethnic sauce plus tofu pieces or chickpeas is one way round this dilemma.

1. Tesco Free-from Cheese Alternative Spread: Soya Mild; Soya Medium
2. Tesco Free-from Cheese Alternative, Creamy Original; Creamy Cheddar; Creamy Garlic & Herb; Creamy Sweet Chilli
3. Tesco Free-from margarine: Free-from Soya Spread; Freefrom Sunflower Spread
4. Cream Alternatives: Alpro (long life or fresh)
5. Tesco Free-from Milk Alternatives: Soya (fresh, long life, sweetened, unsweetened); Rice; Coconut; Coconut & Chocolate Milk; Hazelnut; Chocolate Shakes
6. Tesco Natural Alternative to Yoghurt: Cherry; Mango; Passion Fruit; Mixed Berries
7. Tesco Tesco Sweet Potato & Chickpea Mix and Tesco Curry Sauce With Creamy Coconut milk and Piquant Spices - two separate ingredients that you could heat through to make a quick curry and serve with rice - see no.8!
8. Tesco Pilau Rice
9. Tesco Mini Indian Selection
10. Tesco My Fit Lifestyle Bean & Vegetable Chilli
11. Tesco Free-from Desserts: Chocolate; Vanilla; Crème Caramel
12. Pastry: Tesco Ready Rolled Shortcrust; Ready Rolled Puff; Ready Rolled Light Shortcrust; Ready Rolled Light Puff
13. Tesco Trattoria Verdi Gnocchi
14. Tesco Wholegrain Microwave Rice – brown rice in a ping!
15. Tesco Meat-free Range: Value Vegetable Burger; Falafels; Mexican Style Salsa Bake; Curry Bakes; Vegetable Quarter Pounders; Vegetable Fingers; Nut Cutlets; Mexican Style Bean Burgers; Meat-free Mince
16. Tesco Vegetable Spring Rolls
17. Tesco Sandwiches: the Houmous & Carrot Chutney option no longer exists. Try spreading Tesco Hummus on Tesco Oat and Barley Roll (In-store Bakery) or Tesco Wheatfield 6 Brown seeded rolls
18. Tesco Gravy: Vegetable Stockpot; Oak Lane Vegetable Gravy Granules; Onion Gravy Granules; Reduced Salt Gravy Granules; Vegetable Gravy Granules
19. Tesco Casserole Packet Sauces: Spanish Chicken Recipe Mix; One Pot Slow Cooked Beef Seasoning; Garlic & Herb Chicken Recipe Mix; Hunters Chicken Sauce; Sundried Tomato & Cinnamon Sauce (these don’t contain meat, despite their names! Try them in vegan casseroles, replacing the meat with tofu, beans or vegan ‘chicken’ pieces)
20. Tesco Thai Curry Pastes: Yellow; Green; Red
21. Tesco Butternut Kale Roast
22. Tesco Maple Carrot, Cranberry and Pecan Roast

Tesco Quick Fix Meal 1. Italian-style. 5-10 minutes
Tesco Trattoria Verdi Gnocchi topped with Tesco Chargrilled Vegetable Sauce (add half a tin of Tesco Cannellini or Tesco Haricot Beans for protein). Served with Tesco Rainbow Stir-fry.

Tesco Quick Fix Meal 2. Chinese-style. 10 minutes
Tesco Vegetable & Beansprout Stir-fry cooked in a wok or deep frying pan with Tesco Soya Beans (frozen). Heat Tesco Ken Hom Hot & Spicy Kung Po Cooking Sauce and mix in with the stir-fry and soya beans. Serve with Tesco Rice Noodles (fresh). If you don’t like spicy food, try Tesco Sticky Plum & Hoi Sin Stir-fry Sauce or similar.

Tesco Quick Fix Meal 3. Mexican-style. 30 minutes
Tesco Mexican Style Salsa Bake with Tesco Spicy Potato Wedges.
Smear some Tesco Free-from Cheese Alternative Creamy Garlic & Herb on the wedges and serve with Tesco Salsa Dip (Cool or Hot) plus a large mixed salad, which can be assembled while the bake and wedges are in the oven.


Waitrose Top Favourites T 0800 188 884  | Vegan list
Waitrose sells quality food with a steadily growing free from range. Gourmet cook ingredients, delicious dried and fresh fruit and lots more – it’s a foodie heaven. While some things are pricey, other items are competitive (eg their tinned artichoke hearts are cheaper than the usual and their Essential range is also good value). They also sell Taifun products, including smoked tofu. They don’t currently have vegan labelling. Most of their own-brand sugar is vegan.

1. Waitrose Cauliflower & Broccoli Masala
2. Waitrose Spinach & Carrot Pilau
3. Waitrose Bombay Potato
4. Waitrose Tarka Dahl; Waitrose Butterbean Dahl
5. Waitrose Spicy & Warming Vegetable Chilli
6. Waitrose Butternut Squash Curry
7. Waitrose Vegetable Paella
8. Waitrose Love Life Mexican Bean Burger with Salsa
9. Waitrose Chunky Vegetable Quarter Pounders
10. Waitrose Love Life Sweet Potato Chips
11. Waitrose Fresh Soup: Gazpacho; Red Lentil & Chilli; Italian Bean; Tomato, Red Pepper & Chipotle Chilli; Vegetable & Lentil; Spiced Chickpea & Lentil – plus Waitrose Multigrain Croutons!
12. Waitrose Salads: Chickpea & Bean; Fruity Moroccan-style Cous Cous
13. Waitrose Mediterranean Vegetable Pasta Sauce
14. Waitrose Stone Baked Pizza Bases (some are sold with a passata topping so all you have to do is add veggies, vegan cheese etc than pop in a hot oven!)
15. Waitrose Wafer-thin Soft Chinese Pancakes
16. Waitrose Sorbets: Alphonso Mango; Passion Fruit; Sicilian Lemon; Williamette Raspberry; Mango Sorbet Lollies
17. Waitrose Good to Go Elderflower Jelly with Berries
18. Waitrose Summer Puddings
19. Waitrose Baked Goods: Fruit Pies – Apple and Apple & Blackcurrant (individual or large sizes); Coconut & Cherry Slice
20. Waitrose Smoky & Succulent Red Pepper Grills
22. Waitrose Vegetable Thoran
23. Spiced vegetable tagine
24. Sweet potato cakes with kidney beans, sweetcorn and chipotle

Waitrose Quick Fix Meal 1. Chinese-style. 10-15 minutes
Savoury Pancakes.
Fry ½-1 pack of Waitrose Crunchy Oriental Stir-fry. Add diced Taifun Smoked Tofu. Meanwhile, warm through Waitrose Soft Chinese Pancakes and Waitrose Plum & Hoisin Stir-fry sauce. Fill the pancakes with the vegetables, tofu and sauce mix. Serve with microwaved Waitrose Essential White Rice (freezer) mixed with Birds Eye Soya Beans (freezer).

Waitrose Quick Fix Meal 2. Indian-style. 10 minutes
Waitrose Sweet Potato Curry; Waitrose Butterbean Dahl; Waitrose Spinach & Carrot Pilau. Serve with Alpro Plain Soya Yoghurt, mango chutney and chapattis.

Waitrose Quick Fix Meal 3. Posh Burger & Chips. 20 minutes
Waitrose Love Life Sweet Potato Chips (freezer) with Waitrose Chunky Vegetable Quarter Pounders. When cooked, lightly smear burgers with Waitrose Coriander & Lemon Tapenade. Serve with a large green salad or steamed green vegetables of your choice.





Superdrug Top Favourites T: 0845 6710709
20 non-food items. They also sell B - their own good quality but affordable cosmetic range, most of which is vegan and all items are clearly labelled on the packaging. Barry M and GOSH cosmetics are also sold here and sell a smaller but still good range of vegan products – see below (do check directly. Some labelling has improved but products come and go - that's fashion!)
This high street store is a boon for vegans – its large range of own-brand products is mostly vegan and clearly labelled. Just check these words are on the back of the container: ‘suitable for vegetarians and vegans’.

1. Superdrug Mango & Papaya range: Body Butter; Bath Essence; Body Lotion; Body Polish
2. Superdrug Soft range: Gentle Body Lotion; Body & Hand; Hand Therapy; Gradual Tan Body Lotion Medium/Dark etc
3. Superdrug shampoos, Fruity range: Raspberry & Macadamia Nut; Green Apple & Lime; Cherry & Fig (NOT Coconut & Sweet Almond)
4. Superdrug shampoos, Pro Vitamin range: Colour Protect; Full Volume; Hair Defence (NOT Silky Smooth or Daily Nourishment)
5. Superdrug conditioners, Fruity range: Raspberry & Macadamia Nut; Green Apple & Lime; Cherry & Fig (NOT Coconut & Sweet Almond)
6. Superdrug conditioners, Pro Vitamin range: Colour Protect; Full Volume; Hair Defence (NOT Silky Smooth or Daily Nourishment)
7. Superdrug Coconut & Shea range: Butter Shower Cream
8. Superdrug Vitamin E range: Exfoliating Body Scrub; Shimmer Body Lotion
9. Superdrug Essential Wet Wipes: Fragrance-free; Scented
10. Superdrug hair products: Lacquer; Fibre Putty; Matt Clay
11. Superdrug Optimum moisturiser range
12. Superdrug Dry Skin range
13. Superdrug Exfoliating Body Scrub
14. Superdrug Simply Pure range
15. Superdrug Tea Tree range
16. Superdrug BB Cream 5-in-1 Day Cream
17. Superdrug Durban range for men: deodorant; body spray etc
18. Superdrug Solait sun protection range – most is fine, but check on back of container (Sensitive type NOT vegan) AND Superdrug fake tan products – Tinted Bronzing Lotion;
Tinted Bronzing Foam; Bronzing Gel; 360° Bronzing Spray
19. Superdrug Total Care toothpaste and mouthwash
20. Superdrug razor blades and razors (many razor blades use strips made from animal products)

Barry M at Superdrug
They say: ‘all of our products are suitable for vegetarians but some contain animal by-products (like beeswax) making them unsuitable for vegans’. No product labelling yet but information is available on the website – each item has an ‘ingredients’ link – and the small green V means they are vegan. We have put a small list together for you in the meantime!
LIPS: Glossy Tubes (lip gloss); Lip Lacquer Pencils; Lip Gloss Wands; Lip Liner; Lip Brush (NOT blusher or eye brushes)
FACE: Imperfection Correction Concealer Pen; Shimmer – all range; Natural Dazzle Loose Powder (NOT pressed in a compact)
EYELIDS: Dazzle Dust range: 64, 71, 73, 74, 82, 83, 84, 85, 87, 88, 94, 94, 96, 97, 98, 99, 101; Trio Eye Shadows, all range; Single Pressed Eye Shadows, all range
EYELINERS: Wink Marker Pen; Metallic Eyeliner, all range; Glitter Colour Eyeliner, all range; Liquid Colour Eyeliner
EYELASHES: Black Mascara – Intense Black 3 in 1; Lash Modelling Mascara; Bold Black Waterproof Mascara; Clear Mascara; Colour Mascara; Glitter Lashes
TAN: Perfect Tan Spray Instant; Perfect Tan Mousse Gradual
NAILS: Glitter Nail Paint; All Nail Paints; Croc Nail Effects; Magnetic Nails

GOSH Cosmetics at Superdrug
LIPS: Intense Lip Colour; Velvet Touch Lip Primer; Velvet Touch Lip Liner Waterproof; Long Lasting Lip Marker Pen; Volume Lip Shine
FACE: Natural Touch Foundation; BB Skin Perfection Kit (01 Light & 02 Medium); X-Ceptional Wear Make–Up; Click’N Conceal; Velvet Touch Foundation Primer Classic; Velvet Touch Foundation Primer Anti-Wrinkle Eff
EYELIDS: Mono Eye Shadow (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 & 16); Matt Duo Eye Shadow (Brown Base, Melting Pale & Dark’n Dusky); Smokey Eyes Palette (1 & 2)
EYELINERS: Kohl/Eye Liner (Black, Expresso & White); Eye Liner Pen (Liquid); Long Lasting Eye Liner Pen; Velvet Touch Eye Liner Waterproof (Black Ink, Truly Brown, Hypnotic Grey, Metallic Brass, Pretty Petrol, Woody Green, Lemon Soda, Blue Moon, Alligator, Silver Screen, Sky High, Pure Natural, Classic Grey, Rebellious Brown, I Sea You & Renaissance Gold)
EYELASHES: Amazing Length’n Build Mascara (Not the water-proof variety)
EYEBROWS: Defining Brow Gel; Long Lasting Brow Pen; Eye Brow Pencil
NAILS: Nail Lacquer; Special Ed. Nail Lacquer; Mini Lacqueres
BRONZERS: Bronzing Shimmer Brush; Giant Sun Powder; Bronzing Powder