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About VBites

"The VBites Group is the world's leading manufacturer of meat-free, vegan meat substitutes.  Distributed in 18 countries worldwide and comprising seven reputable sub-brands, no other 100% vegan company comes close to them in size or product mix.  Their most famous sub-brands include Cheezly, Cheatin', Making Waves, VegiDeli, and Wot, No Dairy?

In 2013, they sold over 3.8m retail products and a further 56 tonnes of bulk products for use in third-party white-label manufacturing.  Through their taste-obsessed research and development, they are focused on delivering a wide variety of delicious and healthy meat substitutes to satisfy the most discerning meat-reducer.  In short, they want to deliver all of the taste and texture of meat, but without the harmful dietary, environmental, welfare and sustainability issues pastoral agriculture and fishing.

Their vision is to make meat-free a viable, healthy, satisfying and sustainable proposition.  In this regard, they have been accredited by numerous organisations which have recognised their efforts and outstanding quality. They are members of the British Retail Consortium and have been Kosher-approved by the Manchester Beth Din, Halal-approved by the European Halal Development Agency and are also Vegan Society and Vegetarian Society Approved.

Their range is also suitable for the lactose-, casein- and cholesterol-free markets.

For the last 10 years, VBites have been awarded the title of "the UK's most ethical food producer".

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