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La Sagra

La Sagra's dairy-free range

La Sagra proudly presentss Squisitezza, simply exquisite dessert chocolates. Squisitezza are made by La Sagra, a company influenced by the very best of Italy, especially their many harvest festivals. These celebrations are called Sagra, our chocolates are Squisitezza, simply exquisite.
Choose from a cornucopia of seasonal flavours, our menu changes with the seasons and the events in our lives.

Hale & Hearty

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As our name suggests, we’re all about feeling healthy and full of life.
‘Hale and hearty’ has long been used to describe a person in the best of health, but how can we achieve this today, in an age of processed, additive-packed convenience food?

My Detox Diet

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"Our Detox Diet Plans and Juice Cleanses gives you a thorough cleanse and a fresh start. Think of your body, your muscles and tissue, as a sponge that is absorbing endless toxins over the years that never really get flushed out.

Good Life

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Our Cheshire home is a dedicated meat-free site.
It’s from here in our kitchens that we create our own distinct flavour profiles from our stock of over 300 different ingredients to develop our tasty range, straight from our kitchen to yours!

We've been creating delicious dishes since 1989, so have a wealth of experience as well as a passion for food!

Hollow's & Fentimans

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The Hollows story is one that is rooted in heritage and tradition. In 1906, Thomas Fentiman gave away the hand of his eldest daughter, Maria, to John Hollows with a rather unique gift; his secret family recipe for botanically brewed ginger beer.

Following the gift that was a recipe for success, John Hollows proceeded to manage one of the Fentimans family factories, and continued to produce the much-loved Fentimans beverages.