Local goat farmer let off with a ‘slap on the wrist’ in excruciating mutilation cases

Charity accuses Staffordshire CC of abject failure over illegal abuse of baby goats

An undercover operation by animal charity Viva! two years ago filmed baby goats having their horn buds painfully and illegally burnt out without anaesthetic by unqualified farm workers at Upper Enson Farm, Stafford.

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Viva! says “Stop kidding about goats' milk”

VEGGIE campaigners from around the country will be joining animal group Viva!’s National Week of Action for Goats. They will be highlighting the increasingly intensive nature of dairy goat farming in Britain in light of the group’s recent undercover investigations which found routine mutilations of baby animals.

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Castration of a male kid at Enson Farm

The Kids are Not Alright: British Goat Farms Exposed


CAMPAIGNING animal group Viva! believe that consumers will be shocked by the horror behind their goats’ cheese tartlets.

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