Factory farming


Is Northern Ireland at risk of becoming the UK’s mega farm dumping ground?

ANIMAL CHARITY VIVA! is asking whether Northern Ireland is in danger of becoming mega farm central after plans were announced for yet another giant pig farm (in Limavady).

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Say no to the Newtownabbey mega pig farm!

Viva! patrons Martin Shaw and Jenny Seagrove add their support to stop the UK’s largest EVER pig farm!

Do farmed animals weep?

I read the saddest thing today. Researchers once played the sound of a now deceased elephant to her family in the wild. The others immediately went looking for her – and her daughter pitifully called for her for days afterwards. The researchers never repeated the experiment. The excerpt was...

You'll never guess what they're factory farming now ...

'Meat: The Movie' Watch Viva! and MamyTo! Film Collective's award winning new short film* that asks the simple, yet terrifying,...

Foston pig prison scrapped – thanks to you!

Fantastic news has just reached us that the people behind the mega pig factory farm in Derbyshire have pulled plans...

Feel like chicken tonight?

A blog entry by Juliet Gellatley. Chickens. And how life is cheep. The numbers are crazy, one billion little lives wiped out each year in the UK alone. So much cruelty on a mind boggling scale. And excused by ignorance: “oh but chickens are daft” or “they don’t feel”...

Are you a baby eater?

In 2013, a billion land animals were slaughtered in Britain. Regardless of how they were raised, almost all lived unnaturally short lives.
New Report Says Danish Pigs Beaten Black and Blue

New Report Says Danish Pigs Beaten Black and Blue

LEADING animal charity Viva! are calling on the Government to urgently clarify rules on imports of pig meat into the UK after a new report from the University of Copenhagen found that pigs had been beaten with metal wrenches and iron chains*.

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Resistance is Inevitable

Resistance is coming and we are running out of time. We’ve seen the future and this is it: Swine ( http://www.watchswine.today ), our latest film, is a terrifying exposé of the global health crisis posed by an unregulated factory farming industry’s misuse and abuse of antibiotics...