Cows (dairy)


All British dairy farms big and small do this

Have you ever looked at pictures of tiny calves in single hutches or pens like those below and thought “That’s not Britain, it’s America. We don’t do things like this.” Well, you might not be the only one. I only recently realised how strong this perception is and that...

The Dairy Industry is Revolting!

Why are dairy farmers looking to increase milk production in an industry that is in decline? Should we be calling a halt to subsidies which would be better-placed helping farmers move over to growing arable crops? This week cows were taken into a supermarket by angry dairy farmers protesting...

Everyday slavery

Have you ever wondered what a cattle auction’s like? I’m guessing the answer is ‘no’- simply because they take place in secluded places, great big halls far from our ‘normal’ life and most of us don’t know anything about their existence. So I decided to pay...

Mark World Osteoporosis Day by giving up dairy

Numerous health groups all over the world are reminding people to take care of their bone health in the run up to World Osteoporosis Day, 20 October 20

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World School Milk Day – It’s time to wean off

How did we get so far as to celebrate World School Milk Day?

Inside the UK Dairy Day

At an event where the dairy industry show off their best, what you see is often the worst.

Everyone’s Going Dairy-Free!

ANIMAL CHARITY VIVA! has launched two new guides to help you join the ever-increasing number of people going dairy-free.

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Stop the baby trade!

DAY OF ACTION – 29 AUGUST 2016 Help us raise awareness and change attitudes by taking part in our Animals...