Chickens (eggs)

Juliet Gellatley, Viva!’s founder and director, is interviewed tonight on S4C about why Britain’s egg industry is cracked – and the answer is to go vegan. This in light of undercover footage showing awful conditions at a farm that supplied eggs to Tesco and Asda stores across...


Viva!’s exciting, high-speed tube action last week for World Egg Day was met with a surprised but overwhelmingly positive response by London commuters going about their daily business. Our new footage taken over the course of a year - and informative leaflets meant that commuters were left in...

Cracked Weekend of Action!

Help us raise awareness and change attitudes by taking part in the Viva! WEEKEND OF ACTION ON 14 - 16...

Viva! victory: egg supplier forced to drop welfare claims

ANIMAL CHARITY VIVA! is celebrating Trading Standards’ announcement that Noble Foods (who sell eggs in Tesco and other UK supermarkets) will amend “misleading” labelling on their ‘Big and Fresh’ eggs from caged hens.

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Free-range egg farm exposè reaches thousands in Metro! Viva!’s undercover investigation at a free-range egg farm in Lincolnshire has been featured in both the Metro and local press today , reaching thousands of people. Many of whom may believe ‘buying local’, means ‘...

Tesco - latest supermarket to ditch hen cages!

Some big news came into the Viva! office this week! A statement by the supermarket Tesco announcing an end to the selling of eggs from caged hens by 2025.

Cracked demo

Bristol, Easter 2011.

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Happy Egg company undercover investigation

Watch Viva!'s shocking undercover investigation into conditions at The Happy Egg Company:

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