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Tesco Day of Action: Our most successful yet!

Tell Tesco to dump Hogwood Horror Farm

Tesco have so far refused to drop Hogwood as a supplier. So we think their customers should see for themselves exactly what was found at the farm ...

Viva!’s Campaigns' shocking undercover footage revealed heart-breaking scenes – extreme overcrowding; routine mutilations; cruel farrowing crates; filthy and waterlogged floors; sick and dying pigs; piles of decaying, maggot-infested piglets; and skulls and bones in nearby woods.

The farm’s vet approved this hellhole, Tesco approved it, the Red Tractor ‘assurance scheme’ approved it and so did the Government. It tells us all we need to know about the state of animal welfare in Britain today. The best in the world? What a sick joke. Thousands of farms, millions of animals and when we file cruelty complaints with video evidence, mostly we don’t even get a reply.

Tesco is one of Hogwood’s customers and therefore shares the guilt – they can’t continue to close ranks and cry ‘Cruelty? What cruelty?’.

Supermarket welfare assurances are meaningless.

On Saturday 12 August 2017 we organised a nationwide Day of Action where activists handed our flyers and materials at over 300 Tesco stores, asking the public to put pressure on Tesco and dump Hogwood Farm as a supplier. 

This event was a huge success and attracted significant media coverage including: 

Some of the images from the day can be viewed HERE. Our blog of events also HERE.

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