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Diana Yeoman: Shave Day!

The amazing Diana Yeoman has done something truly heroic for the animals. To celebrate her 70th birthday even more selflessly than usual, she has decided to spend months with her head shaved in order to raise money for Viva.

Diana with her dogs before her challenge.

Yesterday, she put her courage to the test and brought her full head of hair to her local pub - where it was quickly removed by a charitable local hairdresser. Until it grows back, she will be promoting her challenge and amazing bravery to raise money for Viva!'s live-saving campaigns.

Followers of Team Viva! will remember Diana's full head of hair from her previous updates...

This is the story of how she became much balder.

Please sponsor Diana's challenge and make it all worthwhile - every penny helps us save animals.


It's just the beginning. Diana's hair begins to fall. Staying cheerful - despite losing more and more hair!
The final result!

Diana's amazing challenge is just beginning - but she needs your support. Everything she is doing is part of her dedication to helping Viva! to save more animals and bring our campaigns to even more people.

Please sponsor Diana's challenge and show your support for her bravery!


Diana Yeoman shaves all her hair off for Viva!

Diana Yeoman shaves all her hair off for Viva!

Diana Yeoman is celebrating her landmark 70th birthday in an very unusual way this year - by getting all of her hair shaved off on 16th August, to raise money for Viva!.

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