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Supporter testimonials

Just some of the positive comments about Viva! from our Facebook group. Do you love Viva!? If so why not make your own comment on Facebook or send us an email to let us know. Remember: we couldn't do any of this without you!

More comments from Viva! supporters:

"First of all, as an aspiring vegan/ vegetarian I would like to thank you and your team for everything you have done to promote the vegan lifestyle! You are truly making a difference to the planet, as well as to the individuals who are eating less meat & animal products because of your project." J Stuart

"Just wanted to say how much we admire your efforts to expose the vile farms that produce some of the eggs produced in this country. As people who care for poorly  hens rescued from these hell holes we know  how much suffering these hens endure." R & M Burroughs

"I feel honoured to distribute them (face off leaflets) as the way you raise awareness going undercover is incredible." L Markkanen

"Keep up the good work. Farmed animals are the forgotten animals, it breaks my heart to see the way they are abused by human beings. Their plight needs to be highlighted and I am so glad Viva! is there to help them." J Glannmore

"The feature on eggs was well written & I was in tears reading it. I had 4 pet hens as a child. They knew their names & followed me everywhere. I think I will finish what I have & buy no more." M Lyas

"I can honestly say seeing you at vegfest in Swansea the other month has changed my life. You're truly a inspiration. I've been trying to be a vegetarian but after listening to you speak in Swansea and reading your magazines I no longer try to be vegetarian I am! I've also decided to be vegan. I'm in Urban Zen Swansea eating a awesome vegan meal reading your mags . I'm in tears what people do to animals. Keep up the good work." D Braidwood

“I'd just like to say thank you for your extremely professional and excellent service and quality products. Happy Anniversary to you all at Viva! ;)” Alison A

"It's all down to you guys. This might sound just like an average email but knowing his views/personality, giving up something he always loved off his own back is something short of a fantastic bolt out of the blue, miracles do happen! Top marks to Viva! your message is spreading." R Jones

“We've recently switched from being Vegetarians to Vegan with the support of your 30 day vegan emails. Thanks to you and everyone at Viva! for your great work.” H & M Walker

"Thank you very much all of my heart that you always support me to stay vegan. You will make stronger every day." Chil Lee

"I also wanted to say how pleased I am to hear that Amazon no longer sell foie gras on their website. It’s fantastic news! I did contact them and got lots of postcards signed and sent so its lovely to hear it wasn’t in vain. Thank you for all you do to help these poor creatures and all unfortunate farm animals."  N Lester

"I have just returned from the Viva! vegan roadshow in Portsmouth and needed to email you a few lines. While at the Guildhall I sat intently waiting for the guest speaker to come and discuss animals and the environment, I was chatting to my partner who is new to the vegan movement and previously vegetarian. As we were waiting I discussed with my partner my journey from vegetarian to vegan to a very young animal rights protester at the tender age of 11. I attributed my strong views and passion to Juliet Gellatley who I had corresponded with many many years ago ( I'm 40 now). I had picked up a vegetarian magazine on my first veggie days and as it was in the old days I filled out my form and sent my money to be a member. Juliet replied and told me of the very new children's veggie magazine coming out and I was the first member!!! This lady was my super hero, she assisted me with lots of info, I started a vegetarian meals in school movement and wrote an article. I posted 'meat is murder' leaflets all over town not to mention the stickers adorned my entire house much to my mums despair! I watched the horrific videos on abattoirs and vivisection which kept me up for weeks!  I wanted to be this lady when I grew up, she was everything I aspired to be. Roll forward quite some years and I got a degree and work in the NHS and still vegan I listened to this guy (Tony Wardle) and was wowed by his passion. I looked him up on my phone afterwards and was shocked to see he helped Juliet Gellatley found Viva!.

So thank you, Juliet for being my childhood hero and for changing my life at such a young age and continuing to believe that we have to find a better way!!" – Julie Perry

“Each success gives one the energy to continue thanks to people like you and Viva! and all the other caring people in the world." Sally

"Thank you very much for the campaign leaflets, I would say that I have repeatedly been trying to get the information you are offering elsewhere but they have ignored the vegan angle." Sean

"Seeing a leaflet years ago about a Viva! campaign against this torture was the reason I went veggie and a few weeks later, vegan". E Allison

"I have been involved with quite a few charities (I have worked with cancer patients for the last ten years) and Viva! has been consistently helpful, friendly and welcoming.

Justin Kerswell granted my daughter an interview in 2013 when she was making a documentary about the badger cull for her Media Production degree dissertation.  He was so kind and informative to her and she really appreciated his assistance and breadth of knowledge.

I had an in-depth discussion about nutrition with one of your representatives  around 10 years ago at a vegan fair in Oxford.  Again, I was impressed and encouraged, not just with the information and advice that was presented, but with the friendliness that came with it.

Whenever I have contacted Viva!, for whatever reason, it has always been a lovely experience.  Your staff truly are a credit to you and your charity." Karen

"Just like to say bravo for what you are doing ! Thank you! I'm half French, half Australian and 100% vegan. Sending you lots of encouragement". G Hutter

“I've just discovered your website! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw some of the materials. For some time now we've been thinking of changing our diet.” G Gorde

"Thank you so much for all the amazing work that you do. It really is a fantastic charity and all your campaigns and supportive materials are amazing." G Fisher

“Thank you Viva! for the help you have given me to help me reach my goal of being fully vegan after being vegetarian for decades. There is so much information on facebook now that my eyes have been opened to the horrors that animals go through so that humans can drink milk and have eggs, as well as all the other deaths to satisfy the palate of those who don't think about what - and who - they are eating.

I have watched your Not In My Name video and am halfway through your ten other videos on the DVD I bought from you. What I've seen breaks my heart and I sob on my fiancé's shoulder but it's something I need to do. Thank you.” G Jones

“Hey Viva!, superb news to tell you, I did my presentation in school. Everyone listened and even people mentioned your Foie-gras post in the paper! People were astounded to hear the terrible conditions on factory farms! People listened and took in what goes on. Loads of teachers complimented me too! 286 13/14 year old minds educated on what goes on behind closed doors. Thank you for all the help and resources you gave me.” Billy

"I would like to thank you for opening my eyes, mind and heart to the suffering of animals in this world, especially here in the UK. My memories of your campaigns will always be in my heart, and I hope that your work continues to grow and flourish in the future, particularly over the coming Christmas period. Thanks to you, NO badgers have been culled in Derbyshire - my home county - because of your campaign against it, along with other organisation’s campaigns AND my local MP (Andrew Bingham) protesting against it in Parliament. Take care and God bless all of you." Christine 

"I'm going to stay vegan… My favourite recipes or meal ideas? Easy peasy fajitas yum! ...but the most useful thing was the vegan everyday foods I had no idea existed! like the Tesco vegan cheese alternative and Whiptop cream if you can get it! I just want to say thank you so much I don't think I would have had the confidence to do this alone, I am a huge animal lover so have struggled with this for years, I will now stay vegan for the rest of my life, keep up your fabulous work." Dawn on Viva!'s 30 Day Vegan

"When I came through Harrods store at Gatwick..I placed one of  VIVA! leaflets on the foie gras food in the fridge. I watched for the 2 hours I was waiting to catch my plane..and out of all the people who came in, 6 people went to the fridge, 2 people picked up an item, then saw the leaflet, read it without touching it, and put the product down. The other 4 saw the leaflet with the picture of the duck on..and they left without buying it." Andrea

"This video was the one that helped me decide to go vegan.” On the Cadbury’s Calf and a Half film

"I have been a member of Viva! for some years, it was actually seeing one of your magazine on the staff room table that changed me 13 years ago."  Patricia and Paul, Oct 2015

"It was reading Viva!life that made me and my partner go vegan." Sarah Jane Honeywell


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