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SUCCESS! Bath City Council Keeps True To Its Foie-Gras Ban!

SUCCESS! Bath City Council Keeps True To Its Foie-Gras Ban!

Last week Viva! became aware of a protest being organised by Bath Animal Rights mid-June at the ‘Pub in the Park’ festival in Royal Victoria Park, Bath. They told us that Chef Andrew Pern, from The Star Inn, North Yorkshire , would be serving up foie gras during the two-day event. Viva! were quick to add our support as, in 2011, the local group and Viva! worked together to achieve a ban on the controversial ‘delicacy’ from Bath City Council menus in their premises. The campaign was a success and Bath become the first in the West country to implement such a ban!

Concerned the ban was in jeopardy, Viva! got to work, reminding Bath City council members and the organisers Pub in the Park of the ban. We are delighted to announce that, following our combined efforts with Bath Animal Rights, the organisers of Pub in the Park have dropped foie gras from the menu! As a vegan campaigning organisation, of course Viva! would rather the organisers drop all meat from the menu, but this is at least a step forward in showing that this cruel product is not acceptable nowadays.

Bath and North East Somerset Council leader, Councillor Tim Warren (Conservative Mendip) said: “Bath and North East Somerset Council cannot support the sale of foie gras and, on personal level, I think it is a completely unacceptable way of farming, so I welcome this sensible decision to remove it from the menu. Pub in the Park celebrates the very best food in the country and we welcome it to Bath, I hope it is a great success.

We also contacted councellor, Paul Crossley, who supported Viva!’s campaign back in 2011. Paul said: “Bath and NE Somerset was one of the first Councils to ban the sale of this product at its café and food outlets and so I am pleased that the organisers are respecting our policy for its event being held on Council owned land. I am sure the event will be a great success and now it will be even better without foie gras. To put it simply foie gras is not an acceptable way of producing a food.”

Foie-gras production has been deemed so cruel, it is actually illegal in Britain - leaving the pate, dubbed 'torture in a tin', to be imported from elsewhere – mainly France.

Viva!’s long-running campaign, which began in 2009, aims make the entire of Britain foie-gras free by highlighting the cruelty and suffering endured by birds involved in its production. We were the first organisation in Britain to take on the foie gras industry. And we’ve had a lot of successes. We’ve printed nearly a million leaflets to raise awareness on the cruelty of foie-gras production in the past few years. Our campaign has persuaded supermarket chain Lidl and wholesalers Makro to stop selling foie-gras in all of their stores in Britain. Through targeted media and peaceful demonstrations, campaigning by Viva! and other organisations also saw House of Fraser and Harvey Nichols both drop this cruel product, as well as many independent hotels, restaurants and delicatessens. In 2011, Viva! persuaded Thomson Cruises to remove foie-gras and in 2012 campaigned against its use on BBC cookery shows and Channel 4's Come Dine with Me. In 2013, Viva! and L214’s investigation into footage of producers who were, at the time, supplying Gordon Ramsay’s foie-gras for his British restaurants made national front pages in the UK and across Europe. Fellow chef, Heston Blumenthal, removed foie-gras from all his menus after campaigning by Viva! in April 2015. Viva! also scored its biggest success to date by persuading Amazon – the world’s largest online retailer – to delist foie-gras on its UK marketplace.

On the eve of Brexit, it is vitally important now more than ever to demand the government place an import ban on this torture product. The government they have a moral obligation to ban foie-gras imports regardless of the cost.

Write to your MP today!

Try the *NEW* ‘faux gras’ and nobody need be harmed! Thanks to our friends at BOSH.

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