Shelley Bligh-Wall, Senior Administrator and Director's Asst. | Viva!

Shelley Bligh-Wall, Senior Administrator and Director's Asst.

What I do

I provide extensive administration and project support to the director and deputy director as well as managing admin overall. I am also responsible for the management of some events and projects, including the Art for Animals scheme and Team Viva!

Working at Viva!

I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to work in an organisation where what I do is in line with my beliefs, and to be able to work with other motivated and passionate people who share those beliefs is just a dream. I love the work that Viva! does, and I’m delighted to be able to contribute to it. Ever since I went vegan my goal has been to further the success of the growing vegan movement, and Viva! is a great place to do just that.

I went vegan because…

First and foremost, I am a vegan because I believe every being has a right to live their life. Veganism is also the best chance that our planet has at turning around the environmental impact of climate change, deforestation and animal agriculture, and I believe it’s important to be aware of the responsibilities of being a consumer, especially in the western world. I was lead to vegetarianism through my concern for the environment, which naturally led me to veganism, and once I learned of the suffering that animals unnecessarily endure I made a commitment to go vegan.

My favourite veg

So difficult to choose! I would have to say either mushrooms (though technically a fungus, not vegetable) or any kind of seaweed (also not technically a vegetable). How about sweet potato? Definitely a vegetable and definitely delicious!