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L-Plate Vegan

The ideal guide for new vegans. This excellent and practical booklet explains how to replace dairy products and eggs. Not a recipe book, this guide gives masses of ideas for breakfasts, lunches, main meals and ready-made foods available from supermarkets. Only £1.90.

Want to save animals and end cruelty? Simply change what's in your shopping trolley ...

It has never been easier to go vegan - or at least start on the road to a cruelty free diet. Viva! is here to help you every step of the way with free advice and support.

Ask yourself this: if you found a lamb wandering alone on a lane, wouldn’t your immediate impulse be to help and protect him? For many of us we share our homes with cats, dogs and other companion animals and would do anything to keep them safe from harm. So why is it that millions of us are responsible for animal cruelty every single day by supporting the meat and dairy industries with our custom?

We keep hearing that we should buy British to ensure high animal welfare, but that is simply not true. Our short film Cruel Britannia shows what Viva!’s brave undercover investigators have found on farms across the UK: neglect and despair. The unavoidable truth is that factory farming can only exist by allowing painful mutilations, confinement, tragically early death and an endless cycle of forced impregnation of farmed animals. If this is British we’re not proud of it – and after watching the film we think you won’t be, too.

Whilst there are differing standards in animal farming there is no such thing as ‘happy meat’ or ‘happy dairy’ or ‘happy eggs’. No animal would choose to die or have a baby repeatedly taken away from her so humans can drink her milk. The reality is that British farming is becoming ever more industrial, with most animals intensively farmed – their every natural instinct thwarted.

Don’t be part of Cruel Britannia – be part of Cool Britannia! Choosing vegan – or at least moving in that direction – is a choice for compassion. By not eating animals you will save over 11,000 of them in your lifetime. By choosing vegan you will also use less of the world’s resources and help leave a greener world for those who follow us. More and more people are choosing to dump meat and dairy from their diets across Britain. Vegan food is tasty, delicious and is the healthiest choice by far.










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