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Help us save wild kangaroos from being hunted for meat.

URGENT: British supermarkets are driving the largest massacre of land based wild animals on the planet today. We need your help to stop this war on wildlife. Your donation will help fund our campaigns to keep kangaroo meat off UK supermarket shelves. The world’s wild animals are under threat. You are their voice. Help us save them. Click here to learn more.

Help us save babies like these from being orphaned by kangaroo hunts which supply supermarkets.

Credit: Stella Reid (inset) and Ray Drew (main picture)

It is a nightly bloodbath of staggering proportions, with millions of kangaroos earmarked for slaughter each year. British supermarkets stocking kangaroo meat could drive this iconic species to the brink.

Kangaroos are shot from the back of trucks at night. No one is there to monitor the bloodshed.  Away from the glare of public scrutiny, 120,000 to over a million kangaroos are miss-shot and processed annually and some may temporarily survive with horrific wounds, such as having their jaws shot off.An adult female kangaroo will usually have two youngsters with her: a baby kangaroo in pouch and an adolescent at foot. Official guidelines advocate pulling baby joeys from their dying mother’s pouch and smashing them around the head and/or decapitating them. Many adolescents will escape the carnage and die of predation from other wild animals.Kangaroos are not farmed, but are truly wild animals whose populations can fluctuate due to disease, drought and hunting. They have already become locally extinct in parts of Australia. Popularising and commercialising the meat of wild animals – whose populations are finite and unstable – is deeply irresponsible and potentially disastrous. Kangaroos are a unique. Joeys will often jump head first into their mother’s pouch when frightened. They are the only large animal to use hopping as their primary method of locomotion. They are social animals which stay in groups. Hunting blows families apart.
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Viva! has fought the trade in kangaroo meat in the UK since the late 1990s. We won, but in recent years some supermarkets have reintroduced it and we fighting hard again to clear the shelves. We work closely with wildlife groups in Australia to stop the international trade in kangaroo parts.

Juliet Gellatley (centre) campaigning with the Viva! team outside Iceland in 2015.

We need URGENT donations now, so we can:

  • Produce new materials to let the public know the bloody truth about Australia’s dirty secret
  • Put pressure on supermarkets to dump kangaroo meat through effective consumer action such as protests outside of stores
  • Work with local and national media to expose the cruelty

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