Rhiannon Buck, Online Manager | Viva!

Rhiannon Buck, Online Manager

What I do

I’ve worked at Viva! since 2008 as  our Online Manager and do everything and anything web based. I also dress up in embarrassing costumes and do silly things to raise money for Viva! and raise awareness of our campaigns. I love cooking so also do the odd vegan cookery demo here and there.

Working at Viva!

My favourite thing about being at Viva! is being with so many likeminded people. We all want to make the world a better place and are totally dedicated to stopping animal suffering forever.

I went vegan because…

It is the logical way to eat if you place value on the rights of living creatures (including humans) and the ecosystem that supports us all.

My favourite vegetable…

Spinach (in Nepalese saag bhaji form or on pizzas... yum!).