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One in a million

One in a million

By Philip McCulloch-Downs

Inspired by the investigative work of my colleagues in the summer of 2015, as part of the ongoing anti-dairy campaign.


Why is this piece entitled ‘One in a million’?


This is to draw attention to the fact that two million calves are born on U.K. Dairy Farms every year.

Males are shot, used for pet food, or raised for veal.

Females are forcibly impregnated to produce milk. (Their babies are taken from them 12 -72 hours are being born).

These dairy cows are slaughtered after six years, when their bodies are exhausted and ruined.


Every one of those two million calves is an individual, sentient being - a thinking, feeling, conscious entity.


Life is not a commodity to be bought, sold, abused and killed.

By choosing a vegan diet you can help to bring an end to this.