My first year of Animal Rights Artwork. | Viva! - The Vegan Charity

My first year of Animal Rights Artwork.

ANIMAL ART 2014 - 2015

Inspired by the photographs of Jo-Anne McArthur, the investigations by Viva! into UK farms, and by a host of other ethical and pro-actively vegan organisations worldwide.

(Acrylic on canvas board/ pen and ink on paper)

Quote from a friend upon first viewing the video:

"What struck me were the eyes in the images from the start ...and when the music got louder and there were eyes , eyes, eyes, individuals, I can't quite explain it but it was like being introduced to the animals by eye contact even though they are paintings. Eyes are the window to the soul and somehow looking them in the eye made me feel some kind of connection. It really makes me see them almost like people although they are animals...I can't explain personalities with thoughts and feelings, which is how I always think of animals but that just shouted it at me and I really hope it shouts it at others too!"