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Animal tales don’t always have a happy ending, but you can save thousands of animals from a short life of pain and suffering by one simple decision. Go vegan. Viva!’s short new film asks consumers to make the connection. Please choose kind.>>

Vegan Breakfasts with Viva!

New to vegan or looking for ideas for vegan breakfasts? Well, the Viva! crew are here to help you! Watch the video for lots of ideas of what to make and where to buy tasty vegan foods ... For more vegan breakfast recipes go to , the official Viva! vegan recipe website...>>

The Herd

The award winning short film directed by Melanie Light . Written by Ed Pope. Starring Pollyanna McIntosh, Victoria Broom and Charlotte Hunter. Dylan Barnes, Jon Campling, Francessca Fowler, Andrew Shim and Sarah Jane Honeywell. The Herd replaces female cows with female humans, and by doing so hopes...>>


New moving film, Milk, by world renowned animal artist, Philip McCulloch-Downs, made for, and inspired by, Viva's work. Philip said: 2 million calves are born annually on UK Dairy Farms. They are forcibly removed from their mothers 12 - 72 hours after birth, and can be sold at only 1 week old...>>

My first year of Animal Rights Artwork.

Inspired by the photographs of Jo-Anne McArthur, the investigations by Viva! into UK farms, and by a host of other ethical and pro-actively vegan organisations worldwide. (Acrylic on canvas board/ pen and ink on paper) Quote from a friend upon first viewing the video: "What struck me were the...>>

BBC Sunday Morning Live

Juliet Gellatley (Founder and Director of Viva!) debates ‘Is Meat A Moral Issue’ on BBC’s Sunday Morning Live...>>

‘Dumb Animals’

(Graphite pencil on A4 paper) A depiction of a cattle auction (inspired by photos taken by Viva! at a typical U.K. auction), circa 2015. Soundtrack taken from an actual auction of this type, overlaid with the sound of calves that had very recently been taken from their mothers and isolated in...>>

One in a million

By Philip McCulloch-Downs Inspired by the investigative work of my colleagues in the summer of 2015, as part of the ongoing anti-dairy campaign. Why is this piece entitled ‘One in a million’? This is to draw attention to the fact that two million calves are born on U.K. Dairy Farms...>>

What's Wrong With Eggs? The Truth About The Egg Industry

The egg industry has done an impeccable job keeping us in the dark. Most people have no idea what hens (and male chicks) go through for egg production today. So I have put together the most comprehensive video, and article: possible, exposing the truth about eggs and the egg...>>


What You Should Know About Fish, The Ocean, and More!>>

Production Line

A4 acrylic on canvas board>>

Happy Cows

What's wrong with this picture? The truth that lies behind the advertising of the meat and dairy industries...>>

Vegan Recipe Club Guest Vlog: 5 Vegan Courses with Mark Reinfeld

Viva! and Vegan Recipe Club have launched a new series of Guest Chef Recipe Vlogs and we are proud to present Mark Reinfeld as our first featured Chef! Mark was the winner of’s Recipe of the Year Award and has more than 20 years experience preparing creative vegan and raw food...>>

Vegan Recipe Club Guest Vlog: Happy Herbivore - 1 Minute Vegan Mayonnaise

Viva! and Vegan Recipe Club's Guest Chef Lindsay Nixon, Happy Herbivore, shows you how to make ‪Vegan‬ Mayonnaise in 1 minute!...>>

Vegan Recipe Club Guest Chef Vlog: Bettinas Kitchen - 2 Minute Chocolate Mousse

It is a pleasure to have Bettina's Kitchen join Vegan Recipe Club as a Guest Chef. Here she shows you how to make a vegan Chocolate Mousse in three minutes with three ingredient that is guilt-free, sugar-free, dairy-free and vegan!...>>

Scandal of Britain's Battery Piglets


The Mother Cage

A Viva! undercover investigation, filmed throughout the UK.>>

Lincolnshire Pig Farms - Mar 2006


Norfolk Pig Farms - Nov 2005


Jane cooks a chestnut plait at The Riverside Show

Jane stops at The Riverside Show on her way to Glasgow Vegfest to do a quick cookery demo.>>

See how they grow

Painted by Philip McCulloch-Downs (acrylic on canvas board) in support of Viva's campaign against the dairy industry. Cows are imprisoned and forcibly impregnated for the first time at 14 - 28 months old, and - after giving birth every year to keep the milk flowing - slaughtered once their...>>

Life Sentence: The invisible faces of dairy

Painted by Philip McCulloch-Downs (acrylic on canvas board). Painted for Viva! ( ) in support of their campaign against the dairy industry. All these faces are from current cattle markets in the U.K. as of May 2015. None have been altered in any way. Over 5000 species of mammal...>>

How to Make Someone go Vegan

How to Make Someone go Vegan (don't be an a**h***!) pragmatic, funny film (warning contains the f*** word many times!) (function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) return; js = d.createElement(s); = id; js.src = "//>>

'A Calf and a Half' - Cadbury Investigation

We filmed inside numerous dairy farms that supply Cadbury with milk to expose the bloody secrets kept by one of the nation's favourite confectionary brands to its consumers. Find out more at>>

Nanny State

Think today's dairy goat farming is benign and mostly small-scale? Think again. Watch our film to find out more. Find out more at>>

The Dark Side of Dairy

Cows produce milk to feed their babies - just like humans. It flows for the best part of a year and then stops. More milk requires more babies. That's the reality of dairy farming - the visible, obvious side of the industry. But there is another, cruel, much darker side to dairy which few see...>>

Viva!'s Incredible Veggie Roadshow

Find your nearest roadshow: Come along to Viva!'s Incredible Veggie Roadshow and enjoy, with family and friends, a fantastic day out. You can: Taste a whole range of veggie foods from international dishes you can whiz up at home to ready-to-go convenience foods Receive...>>

Viva!'s 20th Anniversary Film

Watch our brand new 20th anniversary film showing our history of saving animals - with your support. It's been an amazing journey and we couldn't have done it without you! If you haven't already p lease support our work by joining Viva! or with a donation ...>>

Viva! Day of Action, Bristol March 2014

Britain's Hardest Working Mother On Mother's Day, we show appreciation for all the hard work, love and care our mothers have shown us over the years. But there are millions of mothers who can never express these nurturing instincts because their babies are snatched away from them after...>>

Inspirational Vegan Athletes - 2014

Competing, Achieving and Winning! Here is a collection of Vegan Athletes that are an inspiration to everyone. This group are competing, achieving and winning. And these are only a few of the many vegans doing this. In this montage there are World Champions, World record holders, winners, and...>>

Hot Pot – Vegan cookery demonstration by Tony Wardle

» Hot Pot Recipe...>>

Tomato Salad – Vegan cookery demonstration by Tony Wardle

» Recipe...>>

Sentenced to death


Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake - Vegan Ville (Harlem Shake)>>

Audio: Juliet talks about Veganism on BBC 5 Live BBC 5 Live interview aired 22nd January 2014. Juliet Gellatley BSc, Dip CNM, Dip DM, FNTP, NTCC, CNHC Founder & Director, Viva! & Revive! Nutritional Therapist>>

Quick Thai Yellow Curry – Vegan cookery demonstration by 10 year old

» Vegan Quick Thai Yellow Curry Recipe Sign up to our 30 Day Vegan program and we'll email you every day for 30 days: Tasty, healthy meal plans. Celebrity vegan inspiration. Nutritional advice . Health information...>>

Sausage Tart - Vegan cookery demonstration by 10 year old

» Vegan Sausage, Onion and Tomato Tart...>>

Spicy Bean Burgers – vegan cookery demonstration by Ashley George

» Vegan Spicy Bean Burger Recipe...>>

Rice Stir Fry – Vegan cookery demonstration by Ashley George

» Vegan Stir Fry Rice Recipe...>>

Fajitas – Vegan cookery demonstration by Juliet Gellatley

» Easy Vegan Fajita Recipe...>>

Easy Vegan Pizza - Vegan cookery demonstration by Jane Easton

» Vegan Pizza Recipe...>>

Quick Pad Thai Noodles - Vegan cookery demonstration by Jane Easton

» Vegan Pad Thai Recipe...>>

Spaghetti Bolognese - Vegan cookery demonstration by Rhiannon Buck

» Vegan Spaghetti Bolognese Recipe...>>

Sirens of the lambs

Street artist Banksy created a slaughterhouse lorry full of stuffed animals which was driven around the meat-packing district of New York.>>

Defeating Diabetes with the D-Diet

By Veronika Powell, Viva!Health Campaigner . Diabetes is spiralling out of control with 3.3 million cases in the UK alone yet it can be prevented or reversed. Viva! Health’s D-Diet has such power by changing your metabolism – and cutting the risk of developing diabetes. Clinical trials...>>

Mood Food

Thank you so much for your inspirational healthy, vegan, scientific based Mood Food Talk, Juliet, Your dynamism is amazing, no wonder VIVA has achieved so much in just 20 years. Linda meant it when she said we were honoured and we also liked your naughty sense of humour! Helen Durant, Bournemouth,...>>

Why You Don't Need Dairy

Juliet Gellatley, Founder and Director, Viva! and Nutritional Therapist. Is it natural to consume milk after weaning? Is it safe to consume cow’s milk at all? Juliet explores the research showing why dairy is linked to cancers; how natural growth hormones in milk affect us and the dangers of...>>

Saving the World With Your Knife and Fork

Tony Wardle, Associate Director, Viva!; author of Diet of Disaster A fascinating insight into the state of our planet and how what we eat affects it. How meat eating is central to the world’s most pressing environmental problems – and what you can do about it...>>

The Safety of Soya

By Veronika Powell, Viva!Health Campaigner. Debunking the bunkum – and there’s lots of it! Is soya a superfood or health risk? Find out the latest, accurate information. » More information about soya The soya story is a most refreshing and comprehensive talk. Maximia Lavaulx...>>

Wheat-eaters or Meat-eaters?

By Juliet Gellatley, founder & director, Viva!, BSc zoology and nutritional therapist. Are we ‘meant’ to eat meat and dairy or or we closer to other great apes in our nutritional needs? What really is a healthy diet? What is natural and how do we compare to carnivores, omnivores and...>>

STOP! Watch this film

Take just one minute to Donate now Just £2 a month will help animals now. We’ll send you our magazine, DVD, guides, certificate, badge, window sticker, and our supporter’s discount card. Exclusive offer Join today and receive What I Need Each Day for Good Health , an inspiring,...>>

Dump dairy - save a badger

Viva! Bristol 'Dump Dairy Save a Badger' Demo - 14 May 2013 As part of Viva!'s Day of Action for badgers to raise awareness of the part that the consumption of dairy products plays in the current threat to badgers we held this action in central Bristol. Watch this short video to hear...>>

Cruel Britannia

Are you sick of hearing that Britain has the best animal welfare in the world? We are ... Viva!'s investigators have shone a light into every recess of factory farming in Britain and what we have found may shock you. The institutionalised abuse of animals does not just happen abroad it happens...>>

Viva! Poland Animal Sanctuary

The Dogs of Korabiewicach Animal Sanctuary Viva! Poland. Dedicated to those who care for these dogs - they all need homes. How to help: please donate paypal: Neuter & spay your pets, overpopulation kills. Don't breed or buy, adopt a homeless dog.>>

Carnism - the Psychology of Eating Meat

By Dr Melanie Joy An excellent, impassioned, thouroughly reasoned and empowering presentation. Melanie Joy spent 10 years researching the psychology of eating animals, the work became her doctorate and this speech is a summary of her findings. She convincingly argues that eating meat is due to...>>

The wonderful world of gavage

Watch Viva!'s short film, which uncovers the reality of foie-gras production. Please donate to Viva!'s campaigns to end foie-gras suffering . You can also help campaign for a foie-gras free Britain ...>>

Investigation: Bourne Farm, Dorset

Investigation into Bourne Farm, Piddlehinton, Dorset - Allen (Hanford) Ltd. Clipped footage taken on 1/11/2008 at grid ref: SY 730972. For more information, or full unclipped footage , call Justin Kerswell on 0117 944 1000 or email Breakdown of full unclipped...>>

Heather Mills talks about why she supports Viva!

For more information please contact Justin Kerswell or Juliet Gellatley on 0117 944 1000 (mobiles 07862 173377 or 07971 425508).>>

Cracked demo

Bristol, Easter 2011.>>

Happy Egg company undercover investigation

Watch Viva!'s shocking undercover investigation into conditions at The Happy Egg Company: Viva! investigates: The Happy Egg Company from Viva! on Vimeo ...>>

Makro selling live lobsters


Journey to Death

A hard-hitting video showing footage of live horse exports.>>

Duck investigation: Gressingham Foods Slaughterhouse and Processing Plant

Viva! investigates: Gressingham Foods Slaughterhouse and Processing Plant (November 2009) The reality of the death of millions of ducks heading towards Britain's supermarket shelves under the RSPCA's Freedom Foods scheme was exposed by the first undercover investigation into the slaughter...>>

Martin Shaw and Viva! fight for ducks

"Every time a spotlight is shone into yet another dark recess of factory farming I shake my head in disbelief and despair. I admire and wholeheartedly support Viva!’s undercover investigation into slaughter because through their disclosures comes hope of change." Martin Shaw Actor...>>

Ducks out of Water


'Enriched cages' investigation

Enriched cages Viva! investigates: A cage is still a cage Another side of egg production was the battery cage – a byword for cruelty for decades. However, they are now being replaced across Europe by – yes you guessed it – another cage. Optimistically described as ‘enriched...>>

Hatchery investigation

Viva! investigates: Conveyor belt of death Hatcheries across Britain produce millions of hens to replace their ‘worn out’ sisters (most killed at just 72 weeks), but not every bird makes it out of the hatchery alive. To be precise, half of them don’t. The fate of male chicks was...>>

Lambing Lies

Watch our shocking exposé of the British sheep and lamb industry. Viva! investigates the trade in sheep and lambs When we first visited Exeter livestock market we spotted a pitiful sign: “Orphan lamb sale 11am” - 25 on that particular day. In one pen, looking startled and...>>

Viva! Biosecurity Investigation

We uncover what could be the real reason for the TB epidemic – and it’s not badgers Biosecurity measures (disinfectant foot dip) were ignored We have long suspected that Biosecurity failings at markets plays a much bigger role in spreading the disease than contact with wildlife...>>