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Soopa dog chews

If you live in Ireland, look for Soopa in pet supply shops. Otherwise, buy a 100g bag for £3.49 from and feel virtuous about those in-between nibbles you’re surreptitiously sneaking to your canine pal.

Chew on This

I – by I, I mean, my dog friend, Ox – was so thrilled to discover new treats to keep strong jaws busy and that’s why I’ve made them top of the pops.

Defiantly pure, each flavour in the range contains only one ingredient and that’s the fruit or vegetable whose name the packet bears: Papaya, Sweet Potato or Coconut. Boring, you say? Ox would dispute that! So, too, would hundreds of other dogs who’ve tasted them. I’ve seen the videos on YouTube! Admittedly, Ox loves his raw fruit (apple, kiwi, mango) and veg (red pepper, carrot, cabbage) and he took to Soopa dog treats immediately.

That’s excellent news as he really should be on a stricter slimming regime into which these morsels would naturally fit. They’re low in fat and calories, but rich in antioxidants.