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Skin Nectar

Skin Nectar is the pinnacle of excellence and ethics - plus, they're our newest Discount Scheme member and always offers a 20% discount to Viva! supporters who have a supporter card. All readers are entitled to a 20% discount using the code 'VIVA' at the checkout. Skin Nectar: generous as well as gentle.

As a person of a certain age (straddling the unkind Gorge of Age with one foot in post-adolescence and the other reaching creakily toward the menopause), I am forever on a quest for the perfect, most-versatile, most animal-friendly skincare in existence. Thanks to the powers of the internet and a vegan acquaintance in Australia (Hi, Lennie!), I may just have the Holy Grail in my grasp. Based right here in the UK, Skin Nectar has been busily handcrafting their quality elixirs to suit skin of all types. I had the honour of trialing - quite scientifically - the Rose & Frankincense Radiance Oil for dull skin and the Ylang Ylang & Orange Radiance Balm for normal skin. Both of them smell utterly luscious, but I realise that this is secondary to how they perform. How's this for corroborative evidence of their efficacy? Before I embarked on my Skin Nectar Experience, I was using some travel-sized tubes of a well-known, expensive department store brand's (think Charles Darwin's Origin of the Species) anti-aging serum. Spots formed and my skin was 'blah'. The first application of Rose & Frankincense Radiance Oil blasted the hideous blemishes and restored my skin's glow. This is not hyperbole. At night, I would follow with the Radiance Balm on my face and the rest of my body. My feet have never been smoother! The full range is available to see on the Skin Nectar website: In addition to the Radiance Oils (£21 for a six-week supply) for normal, dehydrated, stressed and mature skins, there are all-purpose Radiance Balms (£12 - £22 for the rose-bloom packed Beautifying) for normal skin, for beautifying and for soothing, as well as a salt scrub, body oil, bath oils and massage oils.