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Raw Goodies’ raw chocolates

Raw Goodies

Plans are afoot for a webshop on the current site (www.rawgoodies.co.uk). Until then, you can buy from Infinity Foods in Brighton or look out for Raw Goodies at the next veggie fest you attend.

Oh, my goodness, these are beautiful in every way: beautifully tasty, wonderfully healthy (sweetened with agave nectar and packed with lucuma powder and aphrodisiacal maca) and elegantly packaged. This really should be everything that I need to say about Raw Goodies’ spectacular raw chocolates, but there are so many other exciting things about their story. As a new, small Brighton-based company, Raw Goodies – all of whose products, incidentally, are approved by us and bear our Viva! Vegan symbol - are committed to changing the perception of raw chocolates as ‘worthy’. Their velvety smooth blend of vanilla and lush cacao paste glides over the palate with ease and provides the luxurious basis for their bars (plain or nut-covered, 45g for £2.99), Zingies and Super Nutties truffles (70g for £4.99).