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Original Sprout's body and hair range

Original Sprout

Sprout It Out Loud

Hands up – who has a house full of people of all ages? I’d wager that you buy two or three different types of toiletries, each to suit a different life stage. Well, stop it! Everyone, from infant to elderly, can use Original Sprout’s body and hair care. It’s all vegan (apart from Natural Styling Balm) and free from common allergens but loaded with plant-y goodness.

Created by mum and master stylist, Inga Tritt, you’ll find everything from shampoos to sun cream at www.originalsprout.co.uk.

Impressed doesn’t begin to convey how pleased I’ve been with the Tahitian Collection. My long-suffering, punished hair is in glorious condition, thanks to Luscious Island Conditioner (236ml – £14.95) and the Face and Body Sunscreen (118ml – £14.95) is perfect for year-round protection. Just don’t have a four hour siesta in the blazing, Spanish sun! Be sensible!

Bonus: there’s no stickiness or white residue to go with its 24-factor sunscreen. Most items cost less than £15 – an economic coup, considering its aforementioned versatility.