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Natural & Clean cat litter

Natural & Clean

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Odoriferous No More
I recently adopted two gorgeous moggies and, as it has been a long while since my husband and I have shared our home with more than one kitteh at a time, we were not prepared for the pong. I know it’s not their fault, but I really needed to rectify the situation as the resident pooch was complaining! One day, during a particularly fraught and frantic attempt to find an effective solution, I stumbled upon the website, Natural & Clean ( I promptly ordered a six litre bag of their cat litter and I will never look back. Odious odours promptly exited as soon as I replaced the useless paper-based litter. Heavenly! We could all breathe again and the canine companion retracted his emancipation demands. Slightly more expensive at £6.65 per bag, it is, nonetheless, highly economical for one or two cats.